Ingress Update 1.25.1


New Ingress Update is in the play store, version 1.25.1 and it brings some great features in our world.


Here is change log from Ingress play store page:

Version 1.25.1
+ Recycle game objects into XM
+ Soon: Firing XMPs will require XM
+ Portal Keys sorted by distance (future version will offer a sort order control).
+ User setting for GPS “Location smoothing” using wifi and cell data.
+ Bug fixes

Location smoothing option is to enable better location fix using WiFi locations and cell location in the calculation. By default this option is enabled:


One hidden option is Liking portal photos and adding more photos, on info window you can see new actions:


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  1. The new key arrangement by distance is a total mess. Each time you look at your keys they are in a different order. Is there a way to select them to be arranged in alphabetical order again? It made more sense. Now, it takes longer to find the key you’re looking for because they keep moving around depending on where you are, which is just unorganized. It doesn’t make any sense at all.

    • This is actually a feature that a lot of people were asking for. I like it, but I agree that it shouldn’t be forced on people who don’t.

  2. Pommesmatte on

    You do NOT like the portals, but the photo!

    The like count will then decide, which photo is the default one for portals with multiple photos attached!

    And XMP firing already consumes XM since the last update!?

  3. Ideally, give us a 3×3 grid of portal key thumbnails per page, and add an alphabetic index, so you can go straight from A to Z in a single click. Would make things tremendously more intuitive and easier.

  4. Portals, IMHO, should be organized in folders and no, I don’t like the “I like it”. What’s for?

  5. I wish they’d create a “location” ID” by interleaving the digits of lat/long coordinates, and sort by that – so nearby portals would still be sorted near each other (usually), but the keys won’t jump around.

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Ingress Update 1.25.1

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