Breaking News: Jarvis Virus set to drop next week!


With the latest Ingress Scanner Update 1.26.0, one of the new features rolled out was for support of Jarvis Virus and ADA Refactor objects. The game has just gotten more interesting.

Jarvis VirusThe Jarvis Virus gives an enlightened agent the ability to flip a resistance portal over to enlightened. While the details of how it will actually work are still awaited, resistance agents will definitely have their hands full.

The Jarvis Virus can be obtained by hacking portals but this feature will not go in to effect until next week. The virus however will be available through passcode redemption in the mean time. We anticipate that only a few of these items will be given out in the coming week through passcodes.

The Situation Report released on May 9th shows the working and effects of Jarvis Virus. You can watch the footage here

Get ready agents – enlightened and resistance alike. The battle has only begun …

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Breaking News: Jarvis Virus set to drop next week!

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