How to Spot an Ingress Operative?


A month ago Colby Carey published his vision of Ingress Operative, do you agree with it?


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  1. Tony Cerda on

    Guilty of all, minus the footwear! LOL!
    I leave the pavement, often. I cut through fields & bushes, climb up sides of hills. Anything to get to the next portal using the shortest distance!

  2. Actually, the image is flawed, it shows the person actually looking forward to whats in front of them, every ingress player I have ever seen, has thier face buried in the cell phone that they are using and blindly walk around running into people, trash cans, light poles and more importantly, TRAFFIC.

  3. SFGAirborne on

    I have a military haircut, despite having been out of the military for years. I will never grow a beard. I generally wear boots, blue jeans, and motorcycle boots. And I have my Note II overclocked and undervolted, with all my settings tweaked “just so.” As such, I’ve not found any reason to carry a charger or huge battery. I get several hours of continuous playing time, even with screen brightness all the way up. So yeah…I guess that doesn’t work in ALL cases.

    Honestly, I’ve always found the “nerd stereotype,” pretty irritating in general. I’m an IT security consultant, former Infantryman, former boxer, current olympic weightlifting coach…and I even talk to girls. It’s crazy.

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How to Spot an Ingress Operative?

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