Decimal – Lesson 1


First of all want to thank decode for giving me the possibility  of  expanding the audience of my code breaking 101 lessons. Secondly I hope you all enjoy them.
So let’s begin with the real basics ok? For the more advanced students fear not more advanced classes are coming, But I prefer to make sure we are all at the same level

So this class will be about decimal

Decimal values usually go from 0-255

Normally for puzzle solving the most straight conversion you end up doing is Decimal -> ASCII (or as I call it people language)

Now the thing is not all values of decimal are good for this conversion . There are some ranges that interest us more
than others.
In this case we want 65-90 (A-Z) 97-122 (a-z)  and finally 48-57 (0-9)
So seeing any code with numbers inside these ranges is normally a good sign you need to convert something from decimal to ASCII

Now you are starting to think “I have to do it by hand?” Sure… If you have nothing else to do. Honestly I use this website makes my life much easier. But it is up to you

Ok time for some basic training then keeping in mind what I mentioned try and decode this string


Enjoy your lvl 1 XMP :P


NOTE – the end result will a URL not a passcode you can insert in your scanner

– There are no real items at the end since I am a player like you lot. But if I ever get access to real functional passcodes, I swear I will use them for these lessons

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Jack Frost. As blue as his ingress alignment, as cold as his country.The world around might not be what it looks like , but I want to try to help others decode those hidden truths


  1. Very nice. The sample decoding is an added bonus with some sort of reward(even if not in game).

  2. doctorclark on

    On a PC, at least, you could also go to any text editor (Notepad, Word…) and enter the characters via ALT.

    E.g., press and hold the ALT key, enter 1 0 3, and then release the ALT key.

  3. Ok I broke it down like this.

    103 111 111
    68 79 84
    103 108
    83 76 65 83 72
    77 122 79 69 84

    That yielded this: gooDOTglSLASHMzOET

    Am I at least on the right track?

  4. It is not clear to me. I’m guessing the string you mention is ASCII. It also looks like a decimal.

    So I convert this string(Decimal) to ASCII? I think I’m complicating my self.

    Just by looking at word string reminds me of computer programming.

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Decimal – Lesson 1

by Jack Frost time to read: 1 min