Decimal and Hexadecimal – Review


So before giving the lesson 3 (that is coming later today )

A short review of what was taught in the previous 2 lessons

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

And now the challenge ;) and a XMP lvl 2 .. kinda . Well you know what I mean.
Just use what you learned and you will be able to solve this. Again ranges ranges ranges :P


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    • I just tried it myself. give it another shot and if you are still getting problems please post the URL you are getting so I can try and help you

  1. hey, you used and instead of spelling SLASH and DOT,
    but just given the table of letters and numbers in lesson2 …
    …. it was closed to check backwards – but I just looked for a solution with the given codes.
    :) but after trying to translate the url “” in hex, it was easy to solve it.. ;)

    • Ahah. Yes I like to add a bit of variety to the lessons to give you guys the biggest varieties of scenarios. Just like Niantic varies the way they change their codes daily. Call it mental exercise

  2. Got it. @Yajard, the number ranges will allow to correctly decode 4 different url. But only one will show your “prize”

  3. Other than trial and error, is there a way to tell when a 2 digit “code” like the 78 and 75 from above are hex or decimal

    • I have the same question, had trouble deciding if I was supposed to use Hex or Decimal for 78 and 75. Finally figured it out after trying all of the different configurations. Even tried both for 35 and got either 5 or #…lol.

      • The string had a pattern: decimal – hex – decimal – hex…. etc. That’s how you decide which to use.

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Decimal and Hexadecimal – Review

by Jack Frost time to read: <1 min