Base 64 – Lesson 3


So you have a string of capital letters non capital letters , numbers and god forbids some = signs ? Most likely you are looking at base64

Yep I couldn't resist it

Yep I couldn’t resist it

So with one simple step you can go from this horror
to something looking more human like (yes that is my nudge of go and solve this one to see how it works)

So for the usual URL challenge this time with a level 1 XMP.
Oh and of course with a little more challenge than the example above




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  1. I agree. A little more info on base64 would be lovely. Or perhaps a link to what Lord Frost considers the best base64 resource online.

  2. The only reason why I was able to get this was because there is no range with base64. Am I to understand that correctly? How are you able to form sentences with base64?

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Base 64 – Lesson 3

by Jack Frost time to read: <1 min