Portal Shields are Stronger Now but Only New Ones



Brandon Badger published on 31st of May that Portal Shields feel stronger now. But there is a catch, only new obtained portal shields are stronger. If you farmed those shields in last few months they have same stats as old shields. Only new farmed shields have new stats:

Old shields:

  • Common +6
  • Rare +8
  • Very Rare +10

New shields:

  • Common +10
  • Rare +20
  • Very Rare +30

So please be careful with your shields stack. During our experiments we saw that new shields are placed on top of your stack so you will use them first. Our advice is to use all the shields and start farming new ones if that is your strategy.

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  1. So, the strategy would be to recycle the stock, and start farming for new ones… Then replace the shields already in place. Looks painful, but achievable.
    Any news on restoring the AP love for shields? It costing a lot of XM to place them for no AP…

    • Still no news on that matter, but they stated a long time ago that they will return AP love in future… It’s still unclear and buggy, so I’m not sure if old portal will accept new shields values…

  2. I would have found it been much better, if there was no such thing as “old” and “new” shields, but if the first shield deployed by a Player on a Portal would result in the stronger shield value. So 4 Players each deploying one “very rare” would achieve the maximum result. This would enforce us to even more teamplay… just my 2c…
    (I wrongly assumed it was so, when testing with three friends on my home portals, one deployed 2 shields and the second of his shields had the lower value while the three others from him and two other players had the stronger value… ;) )

  3. This makes very rare fully shielded portals practically invincible (+120meters to every resonator). It has all but ruined the game where we are, where the enlightened are outnumbered 3-1

      • I believe it is 1m to the xmp chart.

        Maybe it’s 1% less damage. Wouldn’t it be nice if we were actually given a freaking number.

        Either way, screwed.

        • AzDOLfan7878 on

          Hey man Im also Enlightened and out numbered. Anyway key to taking a shield out is Critical hits. Iv been useing low level bursters (from as far away as I can get) and hitting the portal. You are more likley to get a Critical hit. Im finding when I get a critical hit I must have knocked a shield off I think shields can only take so many hits before they fall, but doesnt matter what your hitting it with. hope it helps.

  4. Yeah, this may end the game for me. It’s now certain we can’t fight. We’re already out-gunned, and now we need a stuipid number of bursters to take out even one of their portals (all of which now have very rare’s on). Good way to kill the game!

  5. Mr. Smalls on

    Yeah, now with the new shields there is almost no chance of defeating the opponent farm in my home city. All the portals have 4 shields and 8 links and today I needed around 50k XM and 40 LVL 8 xmp just to take down one LVL 7 portal. They are visiting the place more often and working near, so I guess the only chance to take it down would be to visit the place at night with at least 3 other agents. So, I guess it the end of the game for not-as-harcore players.

    • Xander Crews on

      I fail to see how this is should “ruin” the game for you. Work at it, level up and get more powerful, and THEN take out the tougher portals. Don’t complain because you have to work to be successful in a game. Good games aren’t easy. Think how the higher level players used to feel. They worked to get to that level to create high level portals, only to have a lower level player come along and take it out with ease. THAT wasn’t fair. If you are a high level player with high level stuff, your portals should be hard to take down.

      • Did you read his comment? He said 40 LVL 8 XMP. That means he’s LVL 8, he can’t level up and get more powerful. He is completely right. This has destroyed this game. The dominant team has had to make no changes at all to their strategies, but it has now become impossible for the other team to catch up. This should help effectively kill this game. It was a piss-poor move, game-design wise.

  6. I am out dropping “old” shields on portals in an effort to get rid of them. I have noticed that some of new ones are definitely appearing in the middle of the stack. I placed 3x rare shields for 8 mitigation each then the fourth turned out to be a +20. No hacking was done in between.

  7. This change increases the value of the viruses. If you can’t beat the portal, have it change to your faction!

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Portal Shields are Stronger Now but Only New Ones

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