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  1. I’m happy that a low-level agent agent can’t easily destroy a high-level portal. But, they’ve also made it so a high-level agent can’t easily destroy a low-level portal, either. The perks of being an L8 agent are diminishing to mere bragging rights.

    • Joe Baker (FreakFly) on

      destruction is a lot easier than creation in general. That should be reflected in game as well. Portals need to be able to be flipped.

  2. This update is very very terrible in my opinion …. @Roman nice thougt but only if you are in a balanced situation … what if there aren’t enough L8 agents of one team in the area to take even one L8 Portal down now … this leads even more to total domination of one team as it was before … …

  3. What about a l6 portal that has 8 links plus 4 shields and a xmp8 only takes 2%? The team on top before the changes wins

    • @Sudoeste: You have to start with the portals linked to this one with less links and/or shields. Then it will be faster to get also this one down.

    • nikyCZ ("L10") on

      4x very rare shields (4×30 % minigation) plus minigation for 8 links (50 % minigation for each shields) = 0,35 * 0,35 * 0,35 * 0,35 = 1,5 % damage from burster.

  4. Frustrated on

    Level 8 player here. I tried to take down a L1 portal today with L7 bursters. Unfortunately there were shields on it and I could only do 1% damage to it. Somehow I doubt Niantic wanted a L1 portal to be too strong for a L8. Hopefully they make some adjustements.

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