Breaking News: 5 New Portal Mods!


In Latest INGRESS REPORT video they featured 5 New Portal Mods. They will come with next Ingress update version 1.28. We will post all info that we can find in next few days, when they push the latest update. For now we have some screen shots and names of the Mods, with our opinions on what are they gonna do when deployed:

Force Amplifier:


Force amplifier, like force field, or the force of the portal attack?

Link Amplifier


Link amplifier, probably can be use to extend link range, or to harden defense when portal have more links, or maybe even longer links… If I designed it, I will also add that links to Higher portals have more “weight”.



Oh, this is going to be fun mod. It probably enables your faction to hack this portal multiple times in row until you burn it.

Heat sink


Only portal burnt out or overheating after hack jumps in my mind. So it’s ether to decrease portal burnout state duration or duration between 2 hacks…



This is probably mod that we all are waiting for the longest, it started showing up in JSON data at Ingress intel site from the beginning, and on video they even give us lot of info. When this mode is deployed it will increase rate of portal attacks… Will this be auto attack even if you don’t attack portal, or it will be only attacking if you XMP or Hack portal, only time will tell.

What do you think, about new mods, and what are your theories?

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  1. Definitely we need more XM in the field, in the XM bar and at least one PC per hack. I imagine atacking a farm with turrets, force amplifiers and very rare shield and my XM bar going empty without chances of a second strike

  2. Link amplifiers will increase maximum link range for the portal. Multiple amplifiers have a diminishing effect.

  3. This give a decided advantage to L8’s at the expense of lower level players. Makes it much harder for us lower levels – and therefore not much fun. Keep this up and all you will have left are the L8’s playing with themselves.

    • I’m a L8 and I’m totally frustrated that I can’t bring down a L3 portal with 4 VR Shields unless I use 40 L8 XMP’s and 4 L6 power cubes. I don’t have that kind of time during my lunch hour. Actually, all these new changes have strongly encouraged me to quit the game.

      • … but … when in the 4 mod slots there are 1VR shield, a LinkAmp, a MultiHack and a HeatSink, the defense of the portal is just like “in the good old days” when there were 4 VR (old) shields … This 5 new mod gives much more possibilities, and specialized portals, e.g. 4VR shields to hold a corner of a field (so there is at least time to do a screenshot before a lvl6 player destroys it in 5 minutes) …. or for farms: 1VR shield, a multihack, a heatsink and a turret … or … any mix.

        So dont quit, the game has just begun :)

          • That’s easier said then done for some! With different work hours, family functions and distances between homes and portals in rural areas just trying to find a time to work is work!

          • @CanAm: I know that it is hard to find time to play in teams. We have the same problems like you in my town.
            You have to think about the right time and right place for your attacks. You also need to communicate to take over your area.
            It isn’t really necessary to be together in the same spot. You could time your attacks or concentrate all your weapons and power cubes in one person who has time to take over a few portals with your combined item-power if you can’t schedule a tour with all your locals. It’s just planning and communication.

      • Yeah, it’s like these people are oblivious to an entire history of MMO game evolution and all that has been learned from it:

        – the AP requirements effectively double from level to level, which is excessive and should be made more bearable by some parallel increase in the amounts of AP available to be gained as your level gets higher and higher

        – the game is (now) too defense-heavy and thus too frustrating to enjoy because too little destruction is happening for too much effort expended

        – too much is assumed about how many people have the time or disposition to get together to play in teams, especially since in this case you actually have to meet your perfect-stranger team mates in person rather than just safely and easily interact with them through your digital device; last year ArenaNet showed the world the result of finally learning this lesson in their Guild Wars 2 gameplay, which is very single-player-friendly: there’s a personal quest line to follow and there are accessible requirements all the way so that even those who can’t or won’t team up with others to play have every chance of enjoying the game on their own – these are all customers that ArenaNet has not lost but which Niantic and other companies seems perfectly happy to frustrate and drive away.

  4. The weapon I’m waiting to see is to attack the gear of an agent in proximity. Would be interesting to drain an opposing agent’s XM directly, or render gear useless, or even steal some of their gear or cause some of it to drop or disintegrate.

  5. Wim de Lange on

    Looks like fun, but Im afraid it makes it more unplayable then it is now already. They are all defense based mods and defense is already too high on this moment. But that can change in the near future.
    Amplify links sounds like longer links to me. Mega fields possible spanning a continent?

    • I think people play this game on a local scale more than anything. Sure, we’ve put up mini-mega fields, and it looks cool, and it’s something to brag about, but fields like that and CFs that are about to be possible because of this new weapon also ruin the game for our own faction, particularly for low level agents that won’t be able to create fields to earn AP. So, amplifying links is just for bragging rights; I fail to see the strategy.

      Agreed, too many defense weapons, including the viruses. Nonetheless, the best thing Niantic can do for everyone is redesign the scanner. The UI is horrible. Egad! Get rid of the carousel everywhere. Make it easier to choose iterations (how many bursters I want to fire, how many resos I want to recycle, how many portals keys I want to drop, etc.). Stay in the target mode after linking… going back to the scanner mode is annoying. Fix the buttons so that when I mean to press OK I don’t accidentally press RECYCLE. Let me choose how to sort portal keys. Sheesh… the UI is just terrible.

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  7. Lock/make “Fire XMP” configurable, allowing one to set a default XMP. I’m really pissed off accidentially firing precious high-level-burster.

    • You can fire burster from items. It is much faster and you can than fire more bursters in row until portal even start to defense attack. Some weeks ago (before they made attacking harder) it was possible for me (L6) to capture L6 portal and do the full deploy in less than five minutes.

      • I’m firing from OPS -> Items (from the very beginning).

        Any real gun has a safety. I want one for the quick fire button or at least the possibility to configure it to a lower level burster (I’d prefer L6X).

        I’m Level 8, but living in a rather small town. I could easily hack L4-L6 stuff, but to build up a stock of L7/L8 items I’ve got to travel. So wasting a L8X for nothing really hurts.

  8. Jeff in Calgary on

    I took out a smurf portal this morning that had a turret. It definatly hit me for more XM. It seemed to “fire” at me every severtal seconds rather than once per XMP. I tired to fire off my XMP fast. I seemed to be able to fire 3 XMP for each time the turret fired. The animation was kind of cool. I think it was the first mod to be destoried though.

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Breaking News: 5 New Portal Mods!

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