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What’s in this version:

Version 1.28.1
+ Vectoring to nearest Portal(s) when none found in Scanner map view.
+ Support for Link Amp, Heat Sink, Multi-hack, Force Amp, and Turret MODs.
+ Bug fixes and performance upgrades.


Vector to nearest Portal: When no Portals are in your field of view, your Scanner will help you target the closest Portal.


Updated Portal dialog: Select a Portal Key and Recharge directly from this view. Recycling Portal Keys requires Agent confirmation.

Support for 5 additional Portal Mods: Heat Sink; Multi-Hack; Force Amp; Link Amp; and Turret.

Also, visual indications have been added to the RECRUIT tab to remind you to grow your local cell and enlist new recruits. OPS now includes an option to toggle vibration on incoming notifications.


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  1. 1. I wish they could add a number indicator to your keys when you’re creating links. This way you can see how many keys you have left to a portal. It will also let you know if you’re about to use the last key you have to that portal.

    2. Is there a way to disable that portal indicator? I don’t care about portals that are outside of my scanner range. I have one route and from work and if the portal is in my scanner, I hit it or upgrade it. If it isn’t, I don’t want to know about it. I don’t want to add the distraction of what’s not in my immediate route to/from work. That’s just an un-needed nuisance and realistically, it’s just adding clutter to the game.

  2. schnubbeldikatz on

    Adding to your list of what’s new:
    + circle around you (your hacking range) now has the color of your faction

  3. Both requests have my support 100%
    The 1st don´t need a switch toggle button in Device menu), the second with a switch for each user to put it to her/his taste

  4. Emiel Kollof on

    It would also help if portal linking would be faster. Maybe have possible links update synchronously and have it update in the background so you can get to those local links first?

  5. Love being able to see nearby portals in this update, But for some reason all my portal keys have a horrible quality image now. Has anyone else experienced this?

  6. Everseeker on

    Want to disable nearby notification. NEED to disable invite notice. I KNOW I have an invite… Saving it for my wife….

  7. Wim de Lange on

    What I just noticed is that you can rotate and zoom in with one finger!!! Up and down is zoom in, left and right is rotate!!!

  8. They also need to allow you to enter an amount of items you would like to drop. Dropping 100 Items for a noob is a pain in the…

  9. I cannot confirm zoom and rotate with one finger. New mods are not yet dropping but have been made available through passcodes published by Brandon Badger.

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Ingress Update 1.28.1

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