Lesson 5 – Caesar


Hail Caesar

Wait not that Caesar. This Caesar



Yep Caesar cipher. You might have heard of it by other names like ROT or shift cipher.

So the reason for the break between the 4 first lessons and this next segment was because I wanted to see how people responded to them and what you guys enjoyed and disliked in them. And one of the things I got alot after solving the live passcodes was something like this “Ok very nice hexadecimal, decimal, etc, etc but now you are talking about stuff that does not involve any ranges. How did you get there ?”

Well normally my reaction when facing a puzzle I cannot convert to any of those nice ranges we mentioned in the previous lessons, is to start trying other kinds of ciphers. The most easy of all them and the one I tend to try out first is the caesar shift.

So what does it do? It basically replaces letters with other letters. In order to do that it moves a certain numbers of positions in the alphabet .

For example the letter A with a Caesar of 1 (or ROT -1 or ROT 25) becomes a B.

If the value was 2 it would be a C. So as you can see this makes the values of the shifts between 1 and 25 (you can do more but you would just be doing full spins inside the alphabet )

Historical Note – The Caesar cipher is named after Julius Caesar, who, according to Suetonius, used it with a shift of three to protect messages of military significance. (source wikipedia)


One of the most famous of the shifts is the ROT 13 . Why? Because ROT 13 ends being his own reverse in the latin alphabet .

Let’s see an example. Here is the original

same / fnzr

Now we ROT 13 it


As you can see ROT 13 can be both an encoder and a decoder.


So that’s pretty much the basics of a Caesar cipher. Shall we move to more pratical trials then.

So as usual the correct answer to these will be a link that takes you to an image of an ingress item. These are meant as little victories and do not provide any bonus in ingress. At least for now. But using the knowledge here can help you decode passcodes of the game later.

But today there is a a new thing. The puzzles will be layered. This means to reach puzzle 2 you will have to solve level 1 first. And of course the difficulty will increase. There are 4 puzzles to solve


Level 1 – tbb.ty/aguerrOZe


Have fun

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Jack Frost. As blue as his ingress alignment, as cold as his country.The world around might not be what it looks like , but I want to try to help others decode those hidden truths


  1. Hi for the people finding page not found in which step is this happening ? I tested all before this went online but something might have happened. Also don’t forget in these kind of links capital and non capital letters make a diference.
    Also step one needs to decoded. In case of doubt check the other lessons to know what kind of link/page is used for these lessons

  2. eheh training you to face all the harsh things niantic throws at us daily. Grats Petr

    Ok hint time

    Level 1 – remember all of these have to decode to a goo.gl link. These can contain numbers. so check what you get after obtaining the goo.gl bit

    Level 2 – Welcome to the wonderfull world of shifting. If B becomes A then the number 2 may become …..

    • Never mind. Bruteforced my way through and got the ADA. Thank you Jack Frost, frustratingly fun as usual ;-)

  3. I’m stuck trying to get to Lesson3. I’ve shifted through all 25 (even double checked via the bruteforce). There’s a twist I’m not seeing and it’s driving me nuts. The hint Jack gave up in the comments mentions a shift, but none of the shifts I try seem to work. Help!

  4. Got to Lesson 5c. The first 5 bytes (to solve the fourth puzzle for the alleged p’ube) are a no-brainer. The 6th and 7th bytes are strange to me, particularly the 7th. I want a hint. But I’m not asking for one. But I want one. So, if you give me one, ’tis cool, I’m just saying I didn’t ask for it, but I appreciate it, even though I didn’t ask for it. ;-)

    • OK. I need a hint to solve the fourth puzzle. I don’t want too much of a clue. Contact me on G+ and I’ll tell you where I’m at so you can hopefully prod me in the right direction.

      • Hope the clue below helps. Also feel free at any time to give me a ring in G+. I always answer to ppl. Same name and image there so I should be easy to track down

  5. General hint – all of them involve caesar shifts

    ok so hints for level 2 – you might need to see the puzzle from another angle. Also remember that not letters can shift but numbers as well

    Level 3 – sometimes not all the items need to be shifted

    Level 4 – Ocasionally more than one encoding system is used. Have a look at lesson 2 to refresh some knowledge

  6. Could someone please confirm that answer 5b (level2) is still online?
    I’m getting a goo.gl/***** link but none of the itterations I can think of match to anything ingress related.


  7. Sean Buchanan on

    Thanks for these tutorials, i’m really enjoying them. I’ve solved up to part 4 of Lesson 5. I’ve got the first part (the easy part of the url that we expect), but the second half of the url is still eluding me. Any chance of another hint?

  8. I am really stuck on the 4th one. the chain “204z” in the middle is really tricky for me. Any hint someone?

  9. Markus aka Mr.Hood on

    Some tips to people having problems finding the right links.

    1. Remember that a lowercase l might look like an uppercase I ;-)
    2. There are two ways to shift. To the right and to the left. Think about what this means in
    case of shifting numbers.

    Have a good one!

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Lesson 5 – Caesar

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