Is Your Comm Cluttered?


Is your Comm filled with a bunch of useless messages after battle?Cluttered Comm

Clean it up by swapping between two different range settings. (20km-200km)

Clean it up by swapping between two different range settings. (20km-200km)

Use this tip to keep your comm clear and ready for smack talking the enemy!

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    • I agree 110% and I was just telling my fellow resistance members this. I was spammed in the COMM yesterday for a full hour with notifications of portals under attack. If I’m already in the app I would rather not see it and just notify me via email.

  1. Wooooooot, really awesome! This is one of the most awesome tips I’ve ever heard of since last December…

  2. Erazer (ingame) on

    Thanks again. I wish Niantic would implement a solution for that… e.g. another tab with “system messages”.

  3. Charlotte Jensen on

    I have the same problem… the “portal under attack” messages are still there. They appear in both All and Faction making it completely impossible to see any messages.

  4. Well I run Ingress on a 2.3.5 android and I can tell you its already very difficult to play and opening the chat is just asking for crashes :P Also I can’t add resonators from my inventory because the screen is to small to play Ingress. But i’ll keep playing even in this condition :P. I just hope to buy a new phone soon. (If I have the money for it…)

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Is Your Comm Cluttered?

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