Ingress Onion Fields – Overlap ’em and get extra MUs

Note: this Ingress article is part one of a series about taking the most AP from your portals each time you link, and adding the most MU count when you make fields. Here are the links to Part 2 and Part 3.

Overlapping Ingress control fields can multiply your MU stats, but also diminish how much AP you get.

Ingress Report #11 brought to our eye how Chinese Resistance agents tipped the global MU scale into achieving a total of 200 million Mind Units for the Blue team. This was done by making fields within fields, like onion layers, adding over and over a massive amount of Mind Units, multiplied by the number of fields in the same area. The paradox is that there will be less AP gain, there will be less fields/links involved, but the MU count will multiply by the number of overlapped fields.

Here is a brief real-life example on how to make these onion-type fields:Article-ingress-onion-fields-new

Portals from upper right and lower left hold a link running from A to C while portals from center and upper left (B1, B2, B3 and B4) are used to close the fields. Overlapping each field on top of the other multiplies the MU amout of the lowest field (A-C-B1) by 4, next (A-C-B2) by 3, and so on. This strategy  can make some difference when it comes to MU control stats. Now, on the other hand, if portals B1, B2, B3 and B4 had a link running across them, there would be seven fields instead of four, but MU count would be 552, because there would be just one field over each triangular area, not 4, or 3. They would be split by links running along the “B” portals.

Whether your game is: AP gain or MU control, each Ingress strategy has its own pros and cons, as it’s been forementioned. Optimal AP fields only overlap in very rare cases. Specifically overlapped “Onion Fields” can boost MU count several times, but AP cost is pretty important. Which one would you choose? AP, MU, or a balance between the two? How to balance will be discussed in the next post. Happy hacking!

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  1. Linking B2 to B1, B3 to B2 and B4 to B3 would yield even much more MUs. You just have to make sure, you make those links after all other links. This way, you get a large field between the three outer portals (e.g. A, B2, C) and three smaller fields (A-B2-B1; B1-B2-C and A-C-B1) which in total cover the same area as the largest field, thus yielding double MUs compared just to the big field.

    Why this is not very important between portals B1-B2-B3 (very narrow and small fields), it would make difference if you linked B4 to B3.

    This way you get maximum both Access Points AND Mind Units.

  2. Rodney Fettinger on

    +keijo +Rajcze Linking as Rajcze said as you make the fields as you go will make a big difference. Make the first field A-C-B1. The link B2 to both C and A will creat a large overlapping field. Then link B2 to B1 this in turn creats 2 more fields with their own mu counts and ap values. Repeat this process for both portals B3 and B4 this will maximize both your mu count and your ap gain.

  3. +Rajcze & +Rodney your tips are 100% valid, they create even more MUs. What I published here was a simple way to have these fields up. I agree that it’s not the cleanest way, but it’s a starter for “onion field” planning. In following posts we’ll refine it to get a “perfect planning” to yield the most AP and the most MUs.

    The Agent had found that link C-B4 was already there, got linking-happy and only linked from A to C, then to B1, B2, B3 and B4. The A-C and A-B4 links closed the outer field, leaving B1, B2, B3 and B4 inside fields, making it impossible to have any more linking outgoing from any of them.
    To remedy the situation and get some basic approach to “onion fields”, he linked from portal C to B1, B2, and B3, while field A-C-B4 was already in place.

    Best regards,

  4. Rodney Fettinger on

    Cool, I see what you mean and that happened to me that one first over interject field linking time. When that does happen, the next time you are sure to take it a bit slower. You have a great day and we’ll be waiting on your next article.

  5. Everseeker on

    Pre-level 8,AP is the motivation. At L8(or,as many L8’s do, at 2.5 MAP) MU is the driver…

  6. Hi, we make fields multiple layers between just 3 portals, link up 2, on the third link, have as many people as you can with the key press create link on the count of 3. Everyone gets AP, well most of the time – and when the opposition comes to take it down, the field will remain. :)

  7. TheARCHlTECT on

    In Christchurch NZ we managed to create a 25 layered field over the entire city. We did this by having one fixed Anchor and 13 anchors on the other two axis. Linking all the portals on one side to the first portal on the other. Then linking the last portal to the rest on the other side. All portals linked back to the fixed anchor. Mega MU from a city of Christchurch’s size. It was an epic mission!!!!

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  9. As a father, you disgust me. “Part-time Dad?” There is no such thing as a “Part-Time Dad” – Sounds to me like you’re a full-time failure as a father. Man up and be a full-time dad and part-time Ingress addict.

    • You know nothing about the mans relationship with his kids. Pretty presumptuous of you, and ignorant, to call him out.

    • I’m wondering why, over a year later, you felt compelled to make an off-topic comment on someone’s name. You are reading way too much into a screenname.

  10. Merope (Philadelphia) on

    May I suggest that you add a link to the other two parts to the article?
    For everyone else: this is part one of three; here is the link to part 3 that has links to this article and part 2 in the introduction.

    Oh, and I think it’s cool to be a dad and play ingress. I hope you are getting you kids out and walking around learning about their neighborhood and it’s historic and artistic monuments. :)
    JD doesn’t seem to understand the meaning of tongue-in-cheek. Ah well; welcome to the internet, right?


  11. @Merope
    Added the links you suggested, at top and end of the post.

    At the time of the writing I had only one baby girl living 700mi away from me. Now I’m a father of 3, so I’d better update the bio before another JD has another briiiiilliant idea xD

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Ingress Onion Fields – Overlap ’em and get extra MUs

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