Portal Decay Rate Back to 15% per Day


Just a short update, we noticed that in the last 4-5 days, the Portal decay rate was back down to 10% per day!This didn’t last long, however, and after further study, it seems the Decay rate is back to 15%, I will wait for all of my portals to decay today to confirm it.

How can we improve Portal Decay Logic? Here are some of my ideas:

Make Portal decay depend on Portal Level

In this way we could make High level portals decay faster, and it has some logic behind it,  like the more XM in a Portal, the more unstable the portal becomes. In this way, the further you level up you will have to work more. If you want to make a L8 portal farm, you and your friends will need to take care of it, and recharge it more often.

Make Portal decay depend on Deployed Mods

It’s similar to the previous idea, with more mods, and their higher rarity will increase the instability of a portal and they would decay faster. This way Portals with Very Rare Multi-hacks and Heat sinks will decay faster, and will balance the game a bit.

Make Portal decay depend on Links and Fields

Portals should decay faster if they have more fields and links created with it.

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  1. Making portal decay dependent on mods, links, and fields sounds reasonable, but increasing a portal’s decay based on level will hurt low level rural players.

    • Actually it would help them move forward, low level Agents will gain AP slower, but they need less AP to level up. But then when they level up they will need lot more AP, and this way would help them later on…

  2. This information was valid a few days ago. This morning I’m noticing that if the portal has 3/4 links, it’s 15% anything less, 10%.

  3. Elhanan Maayan on

    another way, is create a portal decay inhibitor which i think would be a lot more useful then a link amp.
    initially i also thought that making a decay dependable on link and fields, however, how do you set the rate of such a decay considering a portal could linked to one or doznes of links, if you specify a decay rate for a link which is too big ,a portal with too much links would collapse in heart beat, making it too small would be insignificant .

  4. I consider this a build and release error. Ninatic needs to control quality better. They an Quality Assurance Manager and people who can deal with release and configuration management. Beta or Not, Anomaly or Not. They should place stability before new features and quality before quantity. just my few cents

    • Elhanan Maayan on

      not really sure this is a beta, how do you mine bugs from random acts of thousands acts of players? plus it like i was saying earlier, i WOULD like to know the SERVER version as well as the client one.

  5. Jesus this article is so badly written, it sounds like you are contradicting yourself….

    decay rates are Back to 15%… from 10%…

  6. The decay rates dropped down to 10% since the 20th but have now been put back to the previous stat at 15%, we do our best to have up to date news on DI, so occasionally we have to edit after the fact, bear with us though. The post has been edited for clarity and thanks for the input.

  7. ‘Make Portal decay dependable to Portal Level’ – it already is, it’s a percentage, so higher portal level means more XM required to recharge.

    I think a portal should decay *slower* if it has more links and fields, because all the portals around support each other and gain strength in numbers.

    • The idea is to make it easier for lower level players.

      A heavily linked portal takes many more XMPs that the same level unlinked portal.

      Bojan is right. Higher level portals should decay much faster, and heaviliy linked portal faster still.

      Essentially the harder the portal to destroy, the quicker it should decay.

  8. Well, it should definitely be changed so that the portal decay resets when a portal is recharged and not from the time it was acquired. It sucks to recharge a portal to only have it decay in the next couple of minutes as you just spent all evening driving around to collect enough xm to charge them. Please fix that first. The decay speed seems fine and almost too fast anyway. When you are trying to maintain a farm in your area, 15% a day is darn near impossible to charge 100 portals

  9. I think portal decay is a totally useless feature. For example I dropped playing ingress for this reason. It’s like playing WOW or other MMORPG everyday to maintain your level. It adds a uselessness to your work, you know that you will fail in the end. I think if portals didn’t decay at all, it would have been more interesting, because people would think of duelling and capturing for the sake of winning, with the hope that maybe someone will not get there where they were, and as such, the portal will be like a treasure for them. And add a level to the portals independent of the level of the creator, so that the more it lives, the more difficult it is to destroy it. This would be gorgeous! IMHO.

  10. I think fields should recharge portals not decay them. Most players in our area don’t create fields at all because it’s worthless.

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Portal Decay Rate Back to 15% per Day

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