Ingress Onion Fields Part 2 – 4 Portals, 4 fields

Note: this Ingress article is part two of a series about taking the most AP from your portals each time you link, and adding the most MU count when you make fields. Part 1 is evolved to this tidier method.

Overlapping Ingress Control Fields can multiply your MU stats, and achieve more AP with the same Portals.

Ingress can be played in several ways, and the ultimate goal is to achieve MU control for our faction as we gain the most AP to reach the top of the ladder. In this opportunity, we’ll demonstrate how to use 4 Portals to make 4 Control Fields and double MU control over the covered area, by making an inner Control Field to yield extra AP with the very same Portals. As always, real in-game examples are being shown as proof of concept. Although the strategy is not completely unknown (this Youtube video came up when searching for sources), only a few agents out there have it right. I hope you become One Of The Few after you read this.

There are 4 Portals in the picture below:

  • Central Portal “A” with 3 Portal keys, surrounded by the other three,
  • Portal “B”, for which there are 2 Portal keys (there’s a “Hidden Bonus” in Portal “B”, that will be claimed in the end of the article),
  • Portal “C” and its matching Portal key,
  • Portal “D” without keys:
Clean Board, showing the Portals

Something to start with

Now, from Portal “C”, link to Portal “A” and Portal “B”:

Let the Linking Begin

1, 2, 3, Go! Link C to A and B.

Then, close the Control Field A-B-C by linking from Portal “B” to Portal “A”:

First Control Field, up!

Yes, the first Control Field is in place.

After this, go to Portal “D”, link it to Portal “B”, then Portal “C”, making Control Field D-B-C, and finally link to Portal “A”, getting Control Fields D-A-B, D-A-C:

Oh, wait, 3?

From here you can achieve 3 Control Fields, and that’s how it looks like.

That’s how a basic Ingress Onion Field is done.


As it was noted in the beginning, Portal “B” is part of a different Control Field. Well, check what’s out there and you’ll see Control Field B-xA-xB:


Portal B was hiding a Control Field to its down-right!

3 more Control Fields can be seized, linking to from Portal “C” to Portal “xB” and Portal “xA”, in that order (last link goes to the central Portal, always):


Two Onion Fields, side-by-side, isn’t it cute and AP-boosting?

And there it is, bonus unveiled: 8 Control Fields involving 6 Portals. Planning your links is a key (no pun intended) factor to drain the most AP from your area. What makes the difference is the last link, from Portal “D” to Portal “A”, and from Portal “C” to Portal “xA”, to achieve both double-fields.

In the next (and last) post of this series, we’ll show how these add up and multiply to Ingress Total MU Control in greater scale. What’s your best strategy?

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  1. How come this is now working ? In the past you would get nothing for creating a field inside a bigger field. You had to start small and grow your fields out. Has that restriction been removed now ?

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Ingress Onion Fields Part 2 – 4 Portals, 4 fields

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