MOD Squad: Supplier, Guardian, and Tanchor Portals!


With the addition of the 5 new Portal Mods in the past month, it’s important to keep in mind what combinations will make the most of your portal’s 4 slots. Because most Mods use the Law of Diminishing Returns, you get more bang for your buck using combinations of Mods rather than using 4 of the same type on a single Portal.

(Disclaimer: This is not a comprehensive list, just some ideas for creating portals that serve a singular purpose.)

Supply Portals

The most popular Mods seem to be the Multi-Hack and Heat Sinks, loved for their ability to give you mounds of items in a short amount of time.  Deploying them in conjunction with each other will give you the perfect balance between a short cooldown period and a larger amount of Hacks. Using all 4 slots for these Mods will basically leave your portal defenseless however, so they are best paired with a couple of Guardian Portals.

  • They are best placed in already entrenched or well defended areas where multiple players can take advantage of their farming abilities.
  • An important thing to keep in mind is that with the update to the amount of Bursters received through hacking from enemy portals, these Suppliers may very well be delivering the tools to their own destruction right into enemy hands.
  • If you must set up a temporary supply hub in Enemy territory it’s important to remember to Turn and Burn these portals afterwards, by either flipping them using a Jarvis or an ADA, or by just removing the mods after you have finished.
  • Miloš recommends placing this combination on portals near coffee shops or bars so you can have a drink while Hacking.
  • Many players that have portals near their work or home are tempted to place Heat Sinks on them, but if you have to be there all day anyway, you might as well save the Heat Sink and go for a full Multi Hack setup.


Tanchor portals use Shields and Link Amps to make themselves useful in anchoring large fields or blocking links. If the distance of links is not a deciding factor, make use of the new shield stats and deploy 4 Very Rare Shields to bring out the Tank in Tanchor. Add in the value of 8 links increasing the defense by 50%, and these portals can take massive amounts of damage before falling. If you can utilize a couple of Guardians around these portals to attack Enemy agents, you’ll soon see them fumbling for Power cubes just to keep attacking.

Guardian Portals

These Portals use a mix of Force Amps and Turrets to provide extra defense for key portals (Tanchors or Suppliers), while not being placed on the key portal itself. Guardians are best utilized when you have 3 or more Portals in close proximity to each other.

The Neutral Portal in the Middle represents a good Key Portal, while the surrounding 3 will make acceptable Guardians.

The Neutral Portal in the Middle represents a good Key Portal, while the surrounding 3 will make acceptable Guardians.

While the Enemy is attacking the key portal, these portals will be getting small amounts of splash damage, this will initiate attacks without destroying the fragile Turrets and Force Amps. These Mods are one of the first things to be destroyed on a portal, so it’s important to remember to check the spacing between the portals.  They should be far enough away to only receive minimal damage, but close enough to catch the small amounts of damage from L4-L8 bursters needed to initiate attacks. Don’t be afraid to fire a Burster yourself to check the distances before you deploy the mods.

In closing, when deciding which portals to upgrade, there are numerous variables to consider, whether it be proximity to other portals, enemy activity in the area, or linking and fielding. Choose wisely and make these Mods work for you.

If you have any clever uses of Mods to make more of these “character” portals, let us know!

Thanks to Dave White and Miloš Mirković for their ideas.

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  1. But keep in mind that portals have a maximum attack range!
    That you can hit a portal with a burster doesn’t neccesarilly mean that it is near enough to also attack you.
    If you think about that a bit, then you can find several strategies that make turrets and force amps more or less useless.

  2. removing the link amps after creating a link is a great way to keep that advantage out of the hands of the enemys, and also a Good addition saithis

      • I don’t know why you’re replying to Swey. He never replied to you… he made a top comment (a reply to the blog post).

  3. the links and control fields on a portal, does makes it stronger? if you break a link, in which side falls the used key, on emisor or receptor side?

  4. Maximum mitigation is 95% correct? So with 3 VR shields, you are at 90, throw in a common shield, and you are at your max. Do the links add to mitigation, or a separate defense stat?

    Also, one question that has come up is if the slot the mods are placed in are significant? When attacked, do they go down left to right? Or all at once? etc.

    • +Kevin Brooks the logic on mitigation is like this, assuming you can make 1000 damage with an XMP, and the portal has 4 VR shields (no links):
      1st shield will absorb 30% (1000 x 0.7) — remaining damage: 700
      2nd shield will absorb 30% (700 x 0.7) — remaining damage: 490
      3rd shield will absorb 30% (490 x 0.7) — remaining damage: 343
      4th shield will absorb 30% (343 x 0.7) — remaining damage: 240.1

      Another factor to consider is that XMP damage decreases with distance, and you can mix shields with other mods, having portal slots act independently but subsequently according to what’s in them.

      When the burst originates, it splashes slots 1 to 4, modifying its damage according to the mods present, although I don’t have real numbers on this last statement.

  5. Kevin brooks, from what ive seen the links add to desense but not in a way that takes away from how effective shields are, so its more of an extra layer on top, and with the slots, order is not important, you could have done 2 very rare and 1 common and then another very rare and it should still be 95

    • schnubbeldikatz on

      I think Kevin was not talking about the total mitigation being affected by the order of the mods put, but the order of them being destroyed afterwards. Until now, I haven’t noticed any relation between deploying order and destroying order, but correct me if you know better.

  6. schnubbeldikatz on

    You really think this gurdian/key-portal set-up will work? Who would dully go on attacking the key portal getting zapped all the time if he could just tear down all those guardians in no time? In my opinion, in a densely portal-populated area you’d be better off puting one turret in each portal to avoid those guardians being taken down first and then the rest of the portals being completely at the mercy of the enemies’ bursters… Just my 2 cents.

    • schnubbeldikatz on

      Adding to my comment above: One turret and 3 shields on each portal. But if you catch the enemy in your area utilizing the “recycle 3 lvl-7 resos to fire one lvl-8 xmp”-tactic you better spare your turrets for drive-by shooters…

  7. I was planning on doing an article later this week on how to deal with these 3 types of portals when you’re on the attack unless something else comes up first, so stay tuned

    • That would be really interesting. It would probably cause teams to independently keep track of portal locations, causing some confusion locally but mostly being a problem for road warriors coming from out of town.

    • It depends on the effects. Personally, I wouldn’t think making them downright invisible would be a good idea but maybe disguising it as an unmarked (no indicator for it when it’s off screen) neutral portal at a distance or just hiding the links, resonators around the portal, and mods.

  8. Great – indestructible portals, just what this game was missing. The lower-level players in high-level-dominated cities will be extra happy about this (on top of the ridiculous 2x AP requirement progression from level to level). I predict a host of ragequits.

  9. We got something called the “link amp prank”. We use it to keep players from farming, works reasonably well…

    4 Link Amps
    8 L1 resonators
    1 Flip card of the opposing faction (Ada or Jarvis)
    Couple of L8 xmp bursters to take down the portal in question (the more the better)
    Couple of Cubes (to speed up the prank and prevent running out of xm)

    What to do:
    1. Go to an enemy portal (best are the ones with ultra rare multihacks & heatsinks)
    2. Shoot it down as quickly as you can. You are going to alert the enemy, and if he is fast enough he will shoot the portal back down. Either do this when sure that the enemy is away or when you are with a lot of agents, do the portal prank while he is around (it took us some effort and a cube or 3, but it can be done! Just let someone slam the deploy button while the others take the portal down, and then quickly rebuild & flip it).
    3. Put 8 L1 resonators on the portal, as close to the portal as you can. This will ensure that the portal can quickly be shot down in case it turns out to be a big problem.
    4. Put 4 link amps on the portal.
    5. Use the flip card to turn the portal back to the opposing faction.

    Now they will not be able to use the portal until they get a flip card, or the portal will be out of service until it decays (or someone destroys the portal).

      • Seems pretty obvious. When a portal is flipped to your faction, you own everything. But if it’s flipped to the opposing faction, as in this instance, the virus owns it (shows either owned by “Jarvis” or “Ada”, deppending). So now the other team has a portal with 8 L1 resonators deployed 1m or less from the portal owned by either “Jarvis” or “ada”. They can upgrade the resonators, but it’s an easy target to blow up with the crappy deployment, so they probably won’t be able to burn it own more than once after upgrading. They can’t put shields, multihacks, or heatsinks on it cause nobody on their team owns the link amps that are taking up the modslots.

        It’s not a complete waste for them, but it’s the worst situation one of their portals can be in. At least if it was your portal, they could blow it up.

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MOD Squad: Supplier, Guardian, and Tanchor Portals!

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