Video: Ingress – Scanner v1.30.2 Update


Here is a great video with all Ingress v1.30.2 features in full HD:

Thanks to FevGames! Enjoy!

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  1. MagicMiguel on

    I’m not sure but with the new (slower) hacking animations, have you guys noticed that there is typically only time for 1-2 items to come out during “drive-by hacks” now?

    • On my drive-bys I’ve had xm follow me depositing items 100’s of feet away from the portal. Between 2-5 items on average.

  2. Really enjoying this update! Good job on the smoother transition with portal actions. Now onto the dynamic compass!

  3. I realize 1.30 and 1.28 are only in beta release, but here are the issues I have seen:

    I would really like to see stability for this app addressed and improved. I have an admittedly older phone (Original Evo 4G running a Gingerbread ROM), but over the last couple of weeks I have had the app crash on me generally at least once a day, sometimes more, during my 30 minute commute to and from work. It is really annoying to have to wait the 20 seconds for the app to come back, by which time I tend to have missed the portal I was driving by wanting to hack.

    Dynamic compass pretty much doesn’t work. It always has me on a 45*-60* (sometimes even as bad as 180*!) course from the actual direction I am traveling. I would love to see them implement something similar to what my Garmin uses where the GPS travel path is used to calculate the direction, instead of the compass while you are at speed.

    For all of the negative feedback, it facilitates a highly addictive and fun game. Love me some Ingress!

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Video: Ingress – Scanner v1.30.2 Update

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