Hacking Enemy and Friendly portals cost the same


With the new version of Ingress v1.30.2 , there are some game logic changes, most visible is that the cost for hacking portals is reduced. Finally it’s the same for enemy and friendly portals.

New formula:

Cost = Portal Level * 50 XM

Hacking cost per portal level:

  • L1 Portal = 50 XM
  • L2 Portal = 100 XM
  • L3 Portal = 150 XM
  • L4 Portal = 200 XM
  • L5 Portal = 250 XM
  • L6 Portal = 300 XM
  • L7 Portal = 350 XM
  • L8 Portal = 400 XM


This new formula is valid for 2 months already! We are sorry to get this info to you this late. If anyone notice that some data is not updated let us know, and we will change it right away.

Old formulas:

  • Hacking Friendly Portal Cost = Portal Level * 100 XM
  • Hacking Enemy Portal Cost = Portal Level * 300 XM

We also updated Hack Portal manual page so you will always have fresh data.

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  1. This means an enemy farm is as goid as my own farm if they haven’t reduced the enemy droprate ?

    • Not really, you often get an extra XM hit when hacking an enemy portal. But the difference is indeed much smaller than it used to be. Also the item yield is lower AFAIK.

  2. rangerwolfy on

    Yield is similar allowing the enemy to now easily hack a farm then drop it too much balance. Why should me and my team set up a big farm that allows the enemy to just farm it get similar gear then drop it with less investment than the people who set it up

  3. I don’t think that multi-hack and heat sink works for enemies either, at least not from the portals I’ve tried.

  4. Meaning that it should be the portal of view or not go away?
    You should set up a point that could be used to acquire by maintaining the Control Feild still.
    Level8 many do not believe it is trying to create a field.

  5. I repeatedly hacked an enemy L8 farm and get -6% on each hack normally and -12% in case of snap on the display. I’m not sure, but I guess this translate to a normal hacking cost of 10000XM*6% = 600XM and a snap damage of the same value?
    The hacking cost would then be Level of Portal * 75 XM (at least for enemy L8 portal).

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Hacking Enemy and Friendly portals cost the same

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