Update: IPAS Attack Simulator


The newest version of the IPAS Attack Simulator is now available for use here. This version now takes in to account Link Mitigation Stats. Very useful in planning your attacks before hand. There is still no support that takes Shield Destruction into account as this is a random factor and the Developers don’t want to throw the results off. Happy Simulating Agents.Ingress attack simulator3ingress attack simulator 4

The newest feature allows for Link Mitigation

The newest feature allows for Link Mitigation

Ingress Attack Simulator 1

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  1. Thanks for talking about IPAS!

    Maybe it’s worth mentioning that there also is an IITC plugin that allows picking a portal in IITC and opening exactly this portal with the correct configuration in IPAS to simulate.
    (now of course including links)


    • I was hoping the guys over at IITC would update the plugin so that it would automatically input the number of incoming or outgoing links when you use it (i love this plugin so much, sometimes i sit at home and just play around with it on different portals around town) When they do I’ll add a separate post, Thanks for your great work GraphRacer

      • Thanks for the kind words, happy to hear you enjoy playing Offline-Ingress with it :-)

        I sent an update to IITC and jonatkins already published it, so as soon as your browser updates its user scripts, you should get the number of links from IITC as well

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Update: IPAS Attack Simulator

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