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Decode Ingress started long ago as just a small blog on a WordPress site. Over time we grew so much that we needed to switch to our own server, and then the troubles started. Some VPS providers that we tried are not very accurate regarding the CPU usage allotted and memory allocation. After 2-3 weeks of barely surviving and with downtime on each day, we discovered Digital Ocean. DigitalOcean Digital Ocean, Inc. is a SSD cloud hosting provider that is a graduate of Tech Stars. It has been featured on Forbes, Pando Daily, TechCrunch, Venture Beat, The Next Web and now on Decode Ingress also. Why is Digital Ocean this popular? Because they are cheap, blazingly fast and easily scalable. Users can create a server in 55 seconds, and pricing plans start at only $5 per month for 512MB of RAM, 20GB SSD, 1 CPU, and 1TB Transfer. Featuring a 99.99% Uptime SLA , Digital Ocean has servers located in New York, San Francisco, and Amsterdam. The interface has a simple, intuitive control panel, which power users can replicate on a larger scale with the company’s straightforward API. After we switched to Digital Ocean all our troubles disappeared, all setup and configurations that couldn’t work on other hosts are working without any problems whatsoever. One of the best options is that hosting cost is calculated by hours that you used their servers. If you want you can create a server (droplet) and destroy it in 2h and you will only pay 2h for it. So it enables painless downscaling. Here is some interesting stuff, Digital Ocean is just starting. They have only 21 employees and they already have more than 285 000 servers. They rewarded each 100 000th server owner with a huge credit. The 100,000th server won $1,000 in credit, the 200,000th won $2,000 and now… DigitalOcean300k They are now waiting to give $3000 to the person who creats 300.000th server. They are less than 15k servers off the goal, and each day they get 2-3k new servers. Every user can try whatever they want to win this competition, even using their API to create servers with it.  We are offering you a free chance to win with a $10 credit code. With it you can create a $5 server and run it for 2 whole  months for free, or you can also try to get the $3000 prize by creating more servers and hoping that one of them will be winning one. New users are limited to 10 server creations, but if you are lucky one creation is enough.

So here are $10 Digital Ocean Codes: SSDFUEL or SSDLINUX

We highly recommend them and suggest that you give them a shot, you could even end up winning  a very large credit. Their service so far has been excellent, we had 2 support tickets which they responded to and resolved in under 20 min. All the links from this post are referrals for Digital Ocean so if you like them you will also help us on Decode Ingress!

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    • There is apparently a small box when you are entering your CC on the choose a payment setting. But I googled “whhere to enter referral code, digital ocean” and a link popped right up. hope this helps.

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Digital Ocean and Decode Ingress

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