1st Weekly Hack Of The Day Contest!


DeCodeIngress is starting a weekly HackOfTheDay contest on  G+, but first some ground rules:

HOTD Contest Rules and Regulations:

  1. Hacks must be from Update 1.30.1 or newer

  2. No Photoshops!

  3. No duplicate posts

  4. Only Posts in the HOTD Community will be eligible.

  5. Only one photo per post, no albums.

  6. Winner will be the Post that gets the most +1’s

  7. There will be only 1 winner, and as a prize the Agent will get a single use Passcode with Portal MOD included.

  8. Timeframe will be 1 week, starting and ending with the announcement of the winner, this will happen every Saturday after today.


Join the HOTD community here!

Today’s winner will receive a Passcode with a MultiHack Mod! and our first winner is…. Lampros Tenes!!

He had an awesome hack of 10 items with 2 MODS and a Portal Key!

Great Hack!

Great Hack!

Get hacking to get started on next weeks contest now! This is a Community driven contest, so +1 the hacks you like and hope yours get +1’d as well! And as always Have Fun!



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  1. you can enter as many times over the week as you’d like, just not more than one per post (makes it easier for people to judge)

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1st Weekly Hack Of The Day Contest!

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