Ingress on Google Glass Concept (Video)


For some time we were thinking how Ingress would look like on Google Glass. We had so many ideas, and after some time we decided to make a concept of all our ideas. First we made some user interface elements, some photos and then we got even more ideas… And now after some serious time and effort pooled together to make this, by our +Fevenis Silverwind and +Miloš Mirković, we present you Ingress on Google Glass Concept Video:

There are some rumors that Shapers influenced Fev and Milos and that there is even more valuable info in this video.

We would love your feedback, so we can work on even cooler concept video.

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  1. Daniel Heramb on

    Very cool concept. As a Glass Explorer, I’d love playing Ingress like this. Give it another year or two for Google to open up all the APIs and I’m sure someone will make it a reality.

  2. Ben Johnson on

    Nice concept..but when I saw this post I figured the portals would show up with the portal actually visible with resonators sprawled across the ground and XM energy floating all around…sort of like the promo videos for the game in the beginning….now that would be worth a Glass purchase.

    • I was thinking the same thing.

      I would make my own detailing this concept to work in a way that would work almost wonderfully well with what we had seen in the original video for Ingress. Some would say it would be too intrusive but its all about fine tuning, and having a dedicated “Ingress Mode” for the device.

      Sadly I do not have the graphical abilities to produce such a video, just at most written and sketch concepts.

  3. I agree.
    This concept sucks!
    Ingress is an augmented reality game. A little map on the corner makes the whole game completely fake. I was hoping for something more real…

    Have portals glow, or a huge, faint barrier up from the ground to the sky showing links. Have the sky turn green, or blue showing control fields. Have a little notification in the corner pointing towards A nearby portal.

    Leave the maps for the phones.

    Voice commands should be a priority.

    These are just some ideas.

    Make it real and ill probably save up for Google Glass.

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Ingress on Google Glass Concept (Video)

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