Winners of the 2nd HOTD Contest!


It’s that time of the week guys and gals, and this is a special week indeed. This week ONLY we allowed the top 3 +1’d Hacks of the Day to win Passcodes. If you’re not familiar with the contest visit this link. While we had a great turnout this week there can only be 3 and here they are:

First our runners up:

3rd Place and the winner of a Link Amp Passcode is Aves Liaw with an awesome 10 item hack featuring 4 L8 XMP’s and a L8 Powercube:


34 +1’s!


2nd Place and winner of the Force Amp and Link Amp passcodes is Robert Kettman with an ADA Refactor and great spread of items:

36 +1's

36 +1’s

In 1st Place and the winner of the Very Rare MultiHack, a Force Amp, and Turret passcodes we have Евгений Субботин with an amazing 11 item hack! It included 2 MODs, a Portal Key, and a Powercube:

An amazing 43 +1's!

An amazing 43 +1’s!

Great job Евгений Субботин! Hope you enjoy your passcodes.

On a different note, one Hack caught my eye but sadly it didn’t have quite the number of votes to win. But it was so special I just can’t help but share it: Joshua Patterson is the first Agent that I’ve seen to be lucky enough to get both flip cards in one hack:

Epic Hack

Epic Hack

Thank you all for participating and keep submitting those Hacks of the Day in our HOTD Community! This post starts next weeks contest!

Happy Hacking Agents




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Winners of the 2nd HOTD Contest!

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