Turret Hit Bonus increased!


Today, the Hit Bonus value from Turrets was increased from 0.2% to 30%. You will see these values on newly hacked Turrets and on your current Turrets by “refreshing” your inventory (See the end of this post for more info).

Old value:
turret - old
New value:
turret - new


Inventory Refresh method:
1) Drop all your Turrets on the ground.
2) Pick all your Turrets back up.
3) Test deploying to a portal to comfrim new value.

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      • OK cool, so sort of like a Force Amp but adding 30% rather than 100%. Thanks!
        0.2% must have been completely pointless.

      • It was not increased by 30%, it was increased by 0.08%.
        0.2% = 20%
        30% = 0.3%
        They’re saying the increase went from 0.2% to 30% to make it look like a huge increase because some people don’t understand numbers when you put them in decimal form.

        • I’m not sure about your math there, but 0.2%=0.002 and 30%=0.3 (no percent). The new turrets list 30%, which is a big increase over 0.2% since they are both percentages.

          • You’re totally right. I realized that after I posted the comment. Unfortunately you can’t edit the comments here. Thanks!

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Turret Hit Bonus increased!

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