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Hi everyone, this is the second issue of the series ‘Behind the Agent’.

I want to thank those who patiently asked me  when there will be more interviews, and even suggested local leaders to be part of this section. After a crashed laptop beyond repair and borrowing my brother’s computer (maybe for the rest of it’s life), I finally managed to continue with this adventure.

Today’s agent divides her time between her family, which is her priority, her career as an attorney, and her Ingress leadership.


Nancy Moïse


Name: Nancy Moïse Haws  

Agent: Daphnesq

Faction: Enlightened

Location: Louisville KY

Her goals: Help Ingress players become aware of the meaning of the portals and not neglect them. 



After a few attempts of setting up a hangout for the interview, we finally succeeded on a Sunday evening. Nancy was not sure she was the person I should be interviewing and even went as far as suggesting other local leaders.

I found her humility encouraging and it reassured me that I was on the right path.  A mother of two: Greta Jo and Clara Lou and wife of J.J. (the first level eight enlightened player in Kentucky) who is just as busy as her, but who showed up during the interview as an “off camera voice” to have some fun together.

She entered Ingress because her husband joined the Enligthened. She was curious about  J.J.’s new life style. She was amazed by the new places she didn’t know in her own city. She even changed to an Android device to be able to play with him and sometimes by herself. The faction choice seemed obvious. They both think that all of the great minds in history have been touched by XM

“You must take the game as it comes.”

Some days she realizes she has been playing for 8 hours, and remembers before Ingress she had a life full of obligations, while not taking much time for herself.

“Ingress has been a blast on our relationship, aside from global domination, it’s so easy to complain about the game, but we can use it to see a positive way of living.”

She met Jennifer Bass while trying to reach Level 8 and both of them reached that goal the same day. As an active woman when it comes to social matters, that same day she found a new challenge for female Ingress’ players. Nancy came up with the idea of an event called PinkPortals. Only level 6 portals would be created that day in honor of Jennifer who was fighting cancer and using Ingress for stress relief.

This event was a fund raising event to help with her treatment expenses, but if you wish to help Jennifer in her fight, you can donate here.

Pink portals For Jennifer

Pink portals for Jennifer

¨She was in bed for a week after Pink Portals, I didn’t want this to be a global event but a meaningful event in her honor.¨

She was aware of the need for stress relief during trying times, as her sister Leslie Moïse, (who is now publishing her book “Judith”; a historical fiction piece based on the apocryphal story of Judith, who slayed Holerfernes) had a stroke last year.

Doyle Children

Nancy wants to create consciousness about the history of the portals and avoid people just passing them by while getting items. Portals like Doyle Children and other  markers shouldn’t be neglected and people should be taking a minute to meditate about the portal or its history.

Nancy is in love with FieldTrip and would like them to make an event to promote cities like Detroit, anything that supports tourism, improving the economy and shows the beauty and history of the monuments.

She has received a lot of help leveling up, her husband J.J. and her husband’s fellow Enlightened agents, all off them creating AP-gain events, including the event that created the first level 8 portal in Kentucky.



Level 8 Portal KY

Level 8 Portal KY

She knows that no field is eternal and considers trolling damaging to the game, but acknowledges that it is not her job to change their minds or ways. Nancy would also love to get portal keys from Paris, would like to play all around Europe and keeps Portal Keys, from Chicago, China Town,  Water Tower Place and Detroit Louis Fist. She would like to collect the Keys as souvenirs and doesn’t want to recycle them.

“One of my favorite portals is one from Paris, Rodan’s Thinker; Which is a very special statue.”

Her advice for new players choosing a faction, is: “do not look at the Intel map, it doesn’t matter which faction is in control what matters is,  are you taking a stand for what you are against and what you are for? There are not going to be cross factions all the time, think about what you are into”.

She wants to help Colleges to have more campus agents, showing students that Ingress can enrich their experience. As you need to interact with people like no game such as Halo would do, you must collaborate with real people and get out into the world.

In her own words, “Never stop being willing to be silly, which is an instant mood enhancer” she shared with us this video which until today remained as private.

I want to thank Nancy for her time, and for giving me the chance to introduce her to all of you. With players like her, Ingress enriches all of our lives and today she was willing to show her point of view about Ingress.

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  1. Special thank to #EvilWitch for taking the time to chase me down. Wearing many hats, from wife, mother, caregiver, attorney, sister, daughter, and as my husband JJ points out that now, because of Ingress I can add gamer… I’ve found I can only redefine my leisure time the same way I make room for more love. It just happens, in those fraction of moments where we get to choose to have fun. Ingress is wonderful way to be as casual or as intense. You can play and find what you want, whether submitting portals, playing the portals, decoding for those who love to solve decryption riddles, following and participating in the back story through anomaly events, meeting people or playing rogue, slowing down to pick up that piece of litter along your walk hacking, or reading about that point of interest that Field Trip just dinged open… there is something for everyone. If it every stops being fun, just don’t open the app for a bit. It’s in Beta and changes will always be happening.

    I love how nothing is static in Ingress, and it’s an analogy for life itself. To my knowledge no field put up and posted on G+ or someone’s blog or page, remains. It’s like the mandalas made by Buddhist monks make out of sand, only to cast them to the winds. Ingress begs us to be more present to the world about us, for it is not as it seems.

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Behind the Agent: Nancy Moïse Haws by EvilWitch

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