Ingress Report Ep. 20 and XM Media Decoded!


The Ingress report yesterday was filled to the brim with weirdness, ghostly flashes, and vague threats towards Susanna Moyer. In the Ingress Report was a message hidden in glyphs and right after the report was posted, Agents began sending in reports of an XM Media item dropping from Portals, but the message was garbled and nearly incomprehensible, luckily Greg Kru was able to clean it up for us.  After careful frame by frame analysis of the videos, we have captured and translated the glyphs that were in both videos that form the same message directed at the Enlightened. Here is that message:


Thanks to Daniel Benton, we have a better understanding of the encoded message, the message to the Enlightened for those that can’t watch the video is as follows: Open All. Pursue. Enlightened. Liberate. Civilization. Attack. Attack. Attack.

We will bring you more on this story as it develops.

Thanks to Fevenis Silverwind for putting this video together.

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  1. To the propaganda comments, though I am a Resistance Agent, I am a truth seeker. All video content I post is posted with an unbiased point of view.

    • These were translated by me directly from the Lightman documents that were received by the Resistance for winning Op Minotaur.

      • If that’s the case, why are you tagging the first one as “Calibration” when it’s clearly not?

      • Here’s an “official” source, ADA’s interpretation here:

        “Open all”
        “Pursue” “(Enlightened)?”
        “Liberate” “Gov’t/City/Civilization”

        Looks like the obtained document is only partially illuminating. With the differences and uncertainty, things are still garbled to the point of being useless. It may as well mean “Start message: For the followers of the enlightenment, defend your cities from the three coming attacks!”

  2. Stumphammer on

    In the interest of wild and unsupported speculation; IT’S JARVIS! HE’S BACK, AND HE KNOWS THINGS!

  3. This isn’t correct at all. The first glyph is one of the ones that appeared in the published Epiphany Journal pages, and seems to refer to Truth/Possibility/Discovery. The one that is claimed to mean “Abandon” doesn’t appear anywhere that I’ve seen, either.

    Please check sources before posting stuff like this. This is like that stupid “new mod” fiasco all over again.

  4. The “for those who can’t watch the video” message at the end of the article is incorrect. The ACTUAL video message reads
    “Calibration. Follow. Enlightened. Abandon. Civilisation. Attack (x 3).
    Even if the video is unbiased, I’m inclined to question if the article is.

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Ingress Report Ep. 20 and XM Media Decoded!

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