Scanner v1.33.0 Update


Scanner v1.33.0 is rolling out to Agents via the Play store. Minor updates along with one very important one, the ability to view mods an an enemy portal!

enemy mods

– Improved Resonator/Mod/XMP selection (remembers your last choice).
– Click through to Scanner after viewing Hack results.
– Hack via long-press on an in range Portal in the Scanner view.
– Ability to view Mods installed on enemy controlled Portals.

APK mirrors:
Mirror 1
Mirror 2
Mirror 3

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  1. What NianticLabs didn’t mentioned:

    1. Connection protocol changed. (iitc@G+ affected, an unofficial plug-in of intel map)
    2. The alignment of “AP gain message” changed from center to left aligned.
    3. More security codes added maybe? The App runs slower, and needs more time to initiate.

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Scanner v1.33.0 Update

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