[Video] XM Signal from Jarvis (JAR media decrypted)


The DeCode Ingress community has been  working very hard these last 24 hours collecting the XM Signals dropping via media from hacking portals. These 36 audio files were decrypted, cleaned, and transcribed.

A huge thank you to our community that helped turn this around as quickly as they did and a special thanks to:
Kaelas (+Christopher Hurley)
QVinto (+Lukas Olejar)
dmi (+Dave Ingram)
DarkDefender (+James Grangeiro-Phipps)
alphaparrot324 (+Adiv Paradise)
Nevergivein00 (+Stephen Smith)
Minnesota Resistance
Falz (+Aaron Schlussler)


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  1. MrvinTheMarshn on

    why does it say posted on August 17th….is this a post from the future? what is time? is this part of #Cassandra? did the enlightened already win…in the future?

    • MrvinTheMarshn on

      Oh My God! I posted from the future too! I’ve already been measured! I’m already with the shapers!…..good thing I’m ok with that and enlightened.

    • That’s an interesting observation! But I understand what harvest is referring to! Much like ambiance and astral projection! A world within a world. New universes woven within each other. Deep stuff.

  2. This was a fun one to figure out, I was just about to head out to AFK Tavern and went “wait, I know this one” Ran back in and started a few hours of Intel chatting other areas, Google plus messages, etc. So we could get all of the codes. Lukas brought in quite a few people before I got there. And now we get to look for signals in the signals. Always fun.

    (OOG: This is the part I love about ARG’s)

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[Video] XM Signal from Jarvis (JAR media decrypted)

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