Cassandra Media Decoded


The Cassandra Media began dropping from hacks on Thursday after the Ingress report, it has since been decoded and translated. After working tirelessly through the night, Fevenis Silverwind has brought us another video with the details.

The 11 Media files were shuffled about, but using audio and visual cues present in the video, and with the help of Chris Holder, the correct order was found: 7 2 4 1 9 10 11 8 6 3. This helped us to put the glyphs in the correct order. Using our standard issue Glyph Decoder Ring,  we found this message:

Open All, Clear all. Begin Journey, Pursue Self Attack, Pursue Self Destruction. Begin.

The voices heard in the video are from some of the previously released videos including Klue’s “Spread the Enlightenment” and Wolfe’s message. For a more in depth analysis of the flashing images, their meanings, or to see each File individually, visit the Niantic wiki. Thanks Hugo

After seeing a conversation between Carrie Campbell and Hank Johnson, the above message takes on even more sinister tones. They speak of a set of Self Destruction glyphs meant for entire civilizations, and an Off Switch of glyphs to counteract them, which need to be found as quickly as possible.


Thanks to all who helped us by posting their Media Files here it was very much appreciated.

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Cassandra Media Decoded

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