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Ultra Strike Weapon goes live with the release of 3 new Motorola devices: https://decodeingress.me/2013/07/24/droid-does-ingress/

As details were released slowly hopes of a one-shot kill on resonators spread rapidly. Rumors that they bypassed shields were spread.  After extensive testing rough estimates sit close to the 5% range, somewhat similar to normal Power Cube drop rates.

Ultra Strikes drop similar to Resonators and XMP’s in the sense that they are level dependent.

I.E The level of the Ultra Strike will be the same level as either your level or the Portal Level, whichever is lower.

Demonstration video:

We see the two major uses of the Ultra Strike as: A) Attacking a high level dense farm while not getting “Baconed” by surrounding portals. By destroying a single Level 8 resonator on each portal you have effectively drop the value of the oppositions farm  by 1 level.  Hit each portal and destroy a non-locals resonator to add ultimate value in not allowing them to farm their Level 8 portals to its full potential.

B) Finishing off left over resonators from XMP attacks.

C) Retaliation attacks.  Do you have a player who is your best “frenemy”? Use the new scanner updates to identify which resonators they own to only takes theirs out.

Using the Ultra-Strike will take precision and standing within a very small range proportionate to the resonator you are targeting. The U-S(Ultra-Strike) is concentrated XMP Burst, and while targeted to a particular resonator will do residual damage to surrounding resonators depending on the U-S level.

Residual Damage Range is as follows: L1US 10 Meters L2US 13 Meters L3US 16 Meters L4US 18 Meters L5US 21 Meters L6US 24 Meters L7US 27 Meters L8US 30 Meters

The XM Recycle Value is currently set to Level of UltraStrike X 20 XM: L1-20xm, L2-40xm, L3-60xm, L4-80xm, L5-100xm, L6-120xm, L7-140xm, L8-160xm.

Finally, these volatile weapons do not ignore mods or shields and will attack you and defend just as any other XMP would.

I am Nikolas Moore (https://plus.google.com/u/0/105280472036490308976), L8 Resistance Agent Mookiebadaboom a Farming Monster from Southern Maryland. Editor/Decode Ingress

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  1. I’m sorry, but this looks pretty useless — 5-10 required to destroy a *single resonator* on a relatively defended portal. That’s about the same overall as an XMP, except XMP splash damage can add up to significantly more overall damage. On a single (even heavily defenede) portal you would do 10-15% damage overall per XMP (adding up the damage to all the resonators). However if any other portals within 168m the overall damage from an XMP is far greater, and they’re significantly easier to get.

    Even if there’s a dense cluster with overlapping resonators, you’re doing a relatively small amount of damage and taking a lot of XM loss as a result.

    So I’m not really seeing a use for this, other than as a marketing tool.

    • It may take a while to calculate. It took tens of thousands of XMPs to get reliable damage statistics. US are far more rare, there’s probably only several hundred in the game at the moment.

  2. There is IMO one more thing to do with it: Kill one resonator per portal to prevent (further) linking to that portal, which can be last resort while eg. thwarting big field creation…

  3. “Do you have a player who is your best “frenemy”?”

    The original development codename for Ingress, back when it was the Humanists vs. the Aliens, was “Nemesis”. You can still find remnants of this naming scheme in dusty corners of the app’s code.

  4. Wim de Lange on

    What happens if you fire a Ultra strike if the resonators are very close to the portal? Are all resonators in range of the Ultra Strike smoked?

    • The only reason all resonators should be very close is if the portal is a flower. Then you don’t want to blow it up… unless the ultra strike can damage your own teams resonators?
      No more flowers if that happens.

  5. Wim – Yes, anything in it’s range will be _hit_ but not necessarily _smoked_.

    We’ve heard that the ranges are as follows: 10, 13, 16, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30m

  6. Small clarification: Ultra Strike hacks are distributed the same way as resonators and XMPs, in that the level of item obtained can be between one below the hack level and two above the hack level. “Hack level” is the lower of the player level and the portal level. Most of the time, the Ultra Strike will be the same as the hack level, but it is also possible to get one that is lower or higher.

  7. Against a “frenemy” I would only go as you suggest if I “wanted to send a message”. If I wanted to bother him I’d take out all the _other_ resos in a portal, forcing him to replace them with his own low-level resos.

  8. The ultra strike can be very useful against a high level portal that you know the enemy is likely to recharge. I have destroyed a fully powered level 8 resonator with a level 8 ultra strike (+20%) and a second level 5 ultra strike (+20%). By the time the enemy gets to charging for defense, the resonator is already gone. If all resos are accessible, I can take them out one by one. When you are attacking alone, they are very useful.

  9. Does anyone know if Ultra Strikes are available on the Moto G? Specifically the dual SIM variant, since that’s what I have

  10. L8 US at this point are pretty pointless. Against a fully mitigated portal it does similar damage to an XMP, that is to say 1-2%, but with a significantly smaller range.

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Ultra Strike Info & Demonstration

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