Ingress Update v1.34


New Ingress scanner update 1.34 is hitting Google Play store right now.

New in version 1.34.0

  • + Faster scanner boot and other performance improvements.
  • + Passcode redemption in its own tab (larger inventory pics).
Ingress passcode tab

Ingress passcode tab

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  1. 1.34.0 Unofficial Changelog
    Very fast Bootup
    X in front of number of a certain item you have
    Fast/Smooth Scrolling in your inventory
    A red dot on the North Resonator slot
    Filled in red in upgrade menu is how much XM is missing from a reso
    Passcode Redemption has a new tab and a extra step to enter one
    Changed Recharge animation so it has yellow spirals
    -Minnesota Resistance

  2. YourEvilTwin on

    Thanks, Minnesota Resistance…one thing, though: I think you mean Deploy screen, not Upgrade for the red bar.

    • Tony, I get 5-10 passcodes a day. You gotta find a community who gets them or start learning how to crack them yourselves. I’ve not gone a single day without getting a passcode in the past 3 months.. so they never left.

  3. Also: The Upgrade menu can now be accessed when not within range of a portal, just like the Deploy menu. Handy, indeed, for seeing how stacked an enemy portal might be as you approach it.

  4. Thanks for this. I have been unable to get the update via the Play store. Even though it shows 1.3.4 is the current version… it won’t update. I have uninstalled, reinstalled and still on 1.3.3.x

  5. I observed a change in the AP needed to get to a higher level (or a change in the way needed APs are displayed). Before the update, one bar was completely filled and another was almost full. After the update, there was only one left filled, leaving the second empty.

    Level 4, 81769 APs.

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Ingress Update v1.34

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