New Deploy Portal Mod Restrictions


Some time ago when we lost AP gain for deploying shields, Niantic promised they will restore AP gain soon, as well as make mods upgradable and work like resonators.


We have new Rules and restrictions for Portal mods:

  • One agent can only deploy one MOD per Portal
  • You gain +125 AP for deploying a MOD
  • MOD’s can’t be removed

So we got AP for deploying Portal MODs back, but with huge cost. Only one mod per person! As a single agent in my faction in the whole city this change paralyzed me. I can’t create an efficient farm, I can’t defend it, I can’t do a single big link with link amps. Basically a single player has a very hard time to stay in the game. But that is not all, now MODs can’t be removed…

The only reason that I can think of is zipcar passcode incident from long time ago. When some agents got enough shields to deploy and remove them, then rinse and repeat until they deployed all 5k shields that they got. I think that cases like that are not a problem of the game. And that rinse-repeat deploy-remove mods is not a misuse of the game. If someone has the time to deploy 5k mods, and earn some AP let them do it. For me there is not a lot of gain in AP whatsoever. When you reach L8 you are stuck with it, no matter of how much AP you have. But why put this restriction to 99% of players that didn’t do this… And this also doesn’t solve the issue that when a new player deploys bad mods which some players are having.

Let’s also look all this from different angle. Ingress is a team game, to create even an L6 portal you will need more than one Agent. And to create L8 portal you will need 8 L8 Agents. That 8 is magic number in Ingress, so they can also deploy all mods to a portal. Even if your teammates don’t have some mods you can drop them and they can deploy them instead of you. As a team game it makes sense. But I still believe that there is a better way to work with all this.

  • 1st we shouldn’t be afraid of Agent repetitive tasks that earn AP. Hacking enemy portals is cheap and earns 100 AP as well, recharging portal, or even separate resonators earns AP also. So we shouldn’t be afraid of agents deploying and removing mods from portal. The overall AP gain is fairly trivial really.
  • 2nd why kill the fun for a lot of lone wolf players or players in rural parts. We should be all equal, maybe I can’t make a L6 portal alone, but at least I should be able to fill my MOD slots. If I can fill all resonators slots alone, how come I can’t fill all mod slots…
  • 3rd if a rural player with limited agents is outnumbered say 4:1, they are now extra challenged as they can only ever place 1 mod on their portals while the other team will place 4 every time.

But this is in the box thinking, what if we change the logic of mods deployment completely.

What if we have a different system:

What if MOD’s worked like resonators. To be upgradable, and that one agent can deploy all of them. Our team member Dustin Downs has a great idea:

What if we limit MODS per rarity, similar to resonators One agent can deploy 8 L1 Resonators but only one L8 resonator. What if one agent can Deploy 4 common mods, 2 rare mods and only 1 very rare mod. Allowing removal of at least your own mods after also allows for strategic portal building such as: building a farm loaded with multihack and heatsinks, then removing all those mods and replacing them with turrets, force amps and shields to make it harder on the opposing faction when they try to hack your farm. It doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense to build a high yield farm and be force to leave it for the opposition to get as much, if not more out if than you did (after your team put in all the work).

This will enable better and easier collaboration, people can upgrade some mod if they want, they will not need to Flip than destroy portal just to deploy better mods. And agents playing in rural areas can also get some fun with experimenting different portal builds with some limitations.

This is, in my opinion, a win-win situation. We would have a better system for MOD’s. We can Upgrade mods, and single agent could deploy in all 4 mod slots. Also If you make a mistake you can either upgrade mod or remove it. We could add more changes just to keep it fun, like you can upgrade Shield to any other MOD, but Heat Sink can be only upgraded to more rare Heat Sink.

I’m very interested, what do you Agents think about this and can you suggest a better system for portal MOD’s?

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  1. Nick Brotski on

    Couldn’t they just have an AP cost for removing a mod and leave it where we could fill all 4 slots?

  2. I think the mod slots should be limited to types of mods, i.e. you get 2 offensive mods, 2 defensive…so you can throw 2 multi-hacks, 2 shields, or 1 heat sink, 1 multi-hack, 1 turret, 1 force amp, etc. Or some other combination of that. The idea would be that the player would be able to do 4 common, 2 rare, 1 very rare (as explained above) but also limit the types of mods. With this, you don’t get any purely defensive portals, you don’t get purely farming portals, you can get a good mix of the two.

  3. More and more, I see Niantic continually pushing this game to be fun and effective only for groups to get together and play simultaneously. For folks like me who don’t/can’t get together often solely for Ingress, the game has pretty much gotten to be more frustrating than fun. They’ve made solo players ineffective in nearly every aspect. I’ve largely given up playing at all, even casually, because of all the penalties solo plays seem to face.

    • +1
      Even if I play with 10 my new friends we can’t play simultaneously (job, family). Few hours between players action can be deadly for portal defence. The rarity limit (but not type) can be a compromise. And of course must be ability to upgrade portal (removing) – like all in our life can change.

    • I would modify your comment to *especially* casually. Even if you do meet up with a few friends after work, there’s no point unless you have a plan and stick to it (or you’re AP mining and don’t really care about collateral damage to your team mates). You need to make sure that you have the ‘right set of mods between you’ to be able to deploy sensibly. And we’re not just talking about sensible whilst you’re walking around, but potentially for days afterwards. The night these changes occurred (unbeknownst to us) we’d planned a L8 drink’n’hack. The first 90 min of which were spent ADA’ing and then carefully blowing the common shields (which a helpful team member had placed earlier) so that we could Jarvis fully build our L8 portal (there were only 7 of us, otherwise we’d have simply nuked it). Normally we’d have removed the mods & replaced with shields as a core defensive portal in the city, but had to leave it undefended.

      Sure you could just walk through and blow sh!t up, but unless you are able to build something afterwards you’re just handing AP to the other side. I’m not against dynamic and ‘fun’ play, but no sense making it too easy for them. ;-)

    • EdgarFriendly on

      As a new player This is becoming apparent. I understand that the game is designed to be “friendly” to team playing. I don’t think it’s in the best interest of the game to penalize “lone wolves”. I too have no interest in creating relationships in the real world via Ingress.

  4. Its shortsighted, just what I’ve come to expect from niantic. They have all the time in the world to write meta game and back story and “fix” things that are not broken, but no time to fix actual problems in games play. I like you idea a hell of alot better than what we have right now. How about they fix the fact that it takes only one lvl6 agent to takedown an l8 portal that took 8 agents to put up. Or do something to fix the boting/spoofing epidemic we are facing.

  5. There is another issue that pops up. We have two guys with young kids playing. We see them with the fathers. But they have a huge advantage. All he has to do at anytime, is switch to his kids account and drop mods. It also encourages people to have multiple accounts. A few just to drop mods.
    The change seems shortsighted to me. Especially when one person can take down a fully shielded portal so easily now. They made it even harder to defend portals.
    I don’t think they thought through the ramifications of what they unleashed. I have less of a desire to play now, as there are only two of us active in the area, fighting the two dads and all their families accounts.

  6. I honestly don’t like the idea of upgrading mods and especially not the idea of only allowing 1 high level mod. When this change was announced I was actually very optimistic about it but now I’m irritated because I’m feeling the downfall and I’m not a solo player either. The issue is that it is 20 times easier for a solo player to destroy a L8 portal that took lots of planning and organization from 8 others. Now if one person is in the area when a portal is attacked then they are not able to replace mods as they are taken down.

    I have to say I am a fan of having a limit to the number of mods 1 player can deploy but it should be at least 2. Nothing frustrates me more than going to put a high level mod on an important portal and a new solo player had filled it with crap. Now with regards to not being able to remove it – that is absolutely stupid.

    In short, I think we should go back to the way things were last week but keep a limit of 2 or 3 mods per player.

  7. i for one agree with the niantic changes. Ingress is a team game…if you are playing solo then invite some friends. invites are aplenty now.

    I do agree with the L6 can take down L8 portal above. there needs to be some power for a fully L8 portal which niantic has to address.

    • What if I don’t HAVE any friends? What if I just don’t like other people? What if all my friends are at work/school/whatever when I play? What if my friends are simply not interested in playing Ingress (this happened to me, I have 12 unused invites and nobody wants them)? And in the end, what if I simply LIKE playing alone?

      • EdgarFriendly on

        COULDN’T AGREE MORE ARIM!!!! I’m 44 years old and enjoy games for my “me time”. I’m also a night owl. My friends are my age and have no interest in roaming the streets of Denver at 1am (when I’m ABLE to play). I work in customer service all day and the last thing I want is more “human contact”. Let me just enjoy the game on my own and don’t penalize me for enjoying my own company.

  8. Denis De Fazio on

    Even though I don’t think this change ruins the game, I don’t think it helps improve gameplay either. Just wish they would focus on getting those cheaters instead of making silly changes like this one. To me it seems we will have a lot more people with multiple accounts in the coming days, like we didn’t have too many cheaters already.

  9. They should focus on banning all the spoofers playing this game. Also, there are many people around here with multiple accounts. There’s a guy here with Three Level 8 accounts and despite reporting him multiple times, he’s still out there. There’s also a guy with a Level 8 Enlightened account, that rolls through leveling up his Resistance account. I was at the portal when he captured his “first” portal. I called him out over COMM & all he did was give me a nervous reply, saying it was his friend playing with him. When I pointed out that he was alone, he stopped talking to me. His Resistance account is now a Level 6. I don’t think that’s fair!

  10. I´m alone in my small town, until now with a lot of time, strategy and studing the game and the enemy i´m equializing the effort of 3 “enemies”… with this new rule, mi time, strategy and knowledge are useless, they now can put 3 mod in their portals and i only one.

    Remove the AP gain when install a mod, use the sugestion of restriction by rarity (4 common,2 rare,1 very rare) or put the same cost when install and when remove a mod.

    If they don´t improve this rule… the quantity always win the strategy and knowledge, until now is hard when you are outnumber… now will be imposible

  11. I am now considering if I should still play. I am a lone wolf player and I`ve got my territory. I am keeping it shielded, force amped and turreted :) It helds quite nice, sometimes blue godzilla goes throught it make a disaster but I can repair it very fast. Now with only one mode, every little smurf will humiliate my portal territory…meh…

  12. 1 MOD per player is dumb.
    At least 1 Type of MOD per Player.
    This is really going to mess the game up for players in low activity areas.

    I Really like the suggestion about limiting the MOD deployment per player by Rarity of MODS.

    Niantic please fix the spoofing problem that is ruining the game more than anything else. Bug#1
    OR how about the ability to cache the Map layer, which think would make the game less data hungry.

  13. I totally agree with everyone here. I live in an area where it is only myself against 5 people. This new change is not fair to us who are in an underdog situation. Hopefully they’ll do something to balance it out for us because this new mod restriction totally gives the advantage to the faction that has more members. In this case it’s 5 to one, so Ingress basically handed them the victory.

  14. Still stupid … I totaly agree with suggestions in the post by Dustin Downs. Especially the “resonator style” of mods deployment by rarity and upgrading feels really “natural”, that is really weird that it”s not like that since the beginning.
    With the possibility to upgrade anyones mod to higher rarity wouldn’t be that bad that you can’t remove someone elses mod. And removing my own mod I consider my natural right!
    And +125 AP? come on newbies, just go and hack some enemy portals :-)

  15. I don´t understand what is the purpose of the only 1 mod (now only 2) without remove option rule.
    If the objective is avoid brutal AP gain for the gamers have hundreds of shields (via zipcar passcodes mistake)
    Then remove the AP Gain installing Shields
    Else take the AP gained is the shield is removed or upgraded by the same user.
    If the objective is solve the “problem” of weakness against one level 8 in portal full of energy and recharged in the attack
    Then increase the attenuation factor or shields ,and, increase the attenuation factor of links
    Else increase the AP gain for recharge, a lot of “gamers” don´t recharge their portals never, but have complaints for the weak of “his” portals.
    Thanks for your time

  16. EdgarFriendly on

    As a new player (two weeks ago) I’m very frustrated with these new mod rules. When I first learned of the game I was very intrigued and did some research before joining. I learned that it can indeed be (and even favorable to) a team game. I also learned that it can be enjoyed solo. Not so sure of the latter now. I live in a metropolitan area but I don’t own a vehicle so I use my feet and public transportation to play Ingress. I have one portal that’s a 10 min walk from my home and two that are 20 min walks in opposite directions. Hacking can be time consuming for me near home. One of the “hints” I picked up from my research is to spend my initial time collecting (hacking) items. I did just that. Found an area 15 miles away that I could take a bus and then a light rail to that was rich with portals. I spent my first week planning and collecting. My goal was to take down the portal nearest my home (the only enemy portal within three miles). This would be ideal for me. I could tend to it everyday, before and after work. The portal’s resos (level 2’s and 3’s) were always fully charged and had four mods, two of them being shields. Being a level one player, I knew I had my work cut out for me. On the day that I felt I was ready, I made my move. Unloaded all 100 of my level 1 XMP Bursters and realized I was way short. I hopped the first bus and train back to the site rich with portals and hacked as long as my battery would hold out, hopped back on the train and bus to head home, and recharged my battery. When my battery was ready, I headed back to the portal and finished the job with the newly collected Bursters (95 of them). AWESOME!!! I did it! Now to fortify my new portal. I planted my level one and two resonators (I got to level two during the course of the day) and began to plant my mods. The plan was to use my very rare shield, a common heat sink, a very rare multi-hack, and my turret. I became concerned when, after I deployed my the heat sink and one of the shields, I was not able to deploy any other mods. “Hmmm… Thought I could fill all four slots. Let me just remove the mods and start again. I’m able to do that. I read that in the rules.”.

    *Portal mods are items that are used to upgrade a portal. There are 4 mod slots at every portal, and you can deploy one mod in each one of them. To deploy a mod on a portal it needs to be controlled by your faction, have a free slot, and you have to have enough XM. You can also remove a mod from portal, but only if you deployed it. You can not remove other player’s mods from a portal. If a portal is destroyed, all mods that were deployed on the portal are lost. Most mods work using the diminishing return premise, where each consecutive mod of the same type has less effect towards that upgrade.*

    I know now that the rules had changed. An email notification of impending rule changes would have been nice. Maybe that did happen and I joined the game after the notification. At any rate, I think the rule unjustly penalizes players that would like to play solo and it’s downright stupid that one cannot “swap out” mods that they deployed on their own portals.

    This long winded account of events is to make a couple of points: 1) To those who think that it’s easy for a single player to easily take down a portal that took a team to build, your incorrect. Maybe for some, but I worked my tail off to make it happen. 2) The inability OF ME to utilize all four of the mod slots on MY PORTAL leaves it extremely vulnerable to being taken down. If a single player takes down my fully defended portal, I will be the first one to tip my hat and say, “Well played sir or madam”. If my half defended portal falls to a group of players, I will become very disinterested, very quickly.

    I am still very excited about this game and am looking forward to being a long time player. My wish is that “the powers that be” will make wise decisions regarding game play that will be fair to both team and individual players alike.

    I hope I’m not alone in my opinions. Thanks for letting me “vent”.


  17. I was also bummed out with the 1 mod rule change… it feel like they’re really aiming for the solo-players with this one.
    Just like everyone else I’d like to pitch in my 2 cents…

    1) AP-gain for mods seems unnecessary for me, anyone who plays on a regular basis will level up fast enough… People who are obsessing over Ingress will shoot trough to Lvl8 in no time.
    Side note: if just for consistency the AP-gain is justified, but should be kept low…

    2) Restricting the number of mods per player could help balance the game, but it should have been done more moderately.
    I would suggest a system where you have 3 “rarity points” of mods per portal.
    With very-rare mods = 3points, rare mods = 2 points, common mods = 1 point
    In this way you could place up to 1 Very-rare OR 1 Rare and 1 common mod OR 3 common mods.
    This prevents 1 player from claiming all the mod slots, leaves single players with at least some options and still encourages team-play.

    3) Mods should always be removable if they are yours, or at least upgradeable to any other type if they’re someone else’s.

    4) Possibly with an option to make a mod only upgradeable with the same kind of mod if you spend something extra.
    Place a shield, anyone can upgrade this to any type of mod as long as it’s at least the same rarity.
    Lock in that shield by spending an extra shield of the same rarity, now this mod can only be upgraded by shields and only of higher rarity.

    5) not at all mod related, but still… Why don’t we have an item count yet?!… This should be one of the most easily implemented improvements, by a big margin.
    I run into the 2000 item limit weekly, and it’s extremely frustrating.
    This could easily be avoided if i could manage my inventory when needed, as it stands I have to count my items manually to know how much room i have left… that’s just annoying.

    That said, I wish there was a more reliable way of voicing our concerns as players.

  18. Reading this thread, I guess they have changed the one mod limit per agent to two.

    I have a really simple idea:
    Let the person who placed a Mod choose to destroy it. Don’t give me a consolation, don’t return the old mod back to me, dont give me AP even for deploying mods. If I decide the rare shield I placed no longer was useful, let me be a big boy and sacrifice it to oblivion so I might put something else there.

    In my case, I’m trying to go big and want to replace a shield with a link amp for somethign that will get me on the map!

  19. I feel it could be easy to work it where if there are less of your team then you can drop more mods. If your team has more ppl in the zone then you can only place one. As far as upgrading, I think that they should be upgradable no matter who added them. So if there are two mods on a portal I placed and now my team has more, I can’t add more mods any longer. But I can upgrade any mod already placed. AP, I don’t really care how they do that. I will level over time.

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New Deploy Portal Mod Restrictions

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