Mods and Portal Submissions


New Mod Rules Changed and Portal Submissions


We can confirm that only a short time after being implemented, the rule for only one mod deployment per player is now changing again.

The latest news is that scanners are allowing agents to deploy two Mods. This is a huge improvement after the many concerns of players in rural areas where team player is not always possible.


One guy = Two Mods

One guy = Two Mods

Players around the world confirm that this is active now. There is no change to the rule for removal  but rumor has it that it will be allowed again.

Recent updates for new portal submissions are available too, with players getting 500 AP per accepted submission as well as a free portal key upon approval (make sure your inventory isn’t full!). Agents are also now receiving 100 AP for an improved picture on an existing portal.

Portal Submission


Thanks to agents padalabra, alysania as well as Nikolas Moore and Dustin Downs for their help on this article (wow, this is team work ;) )

Also, for Labor Day weekend Portal Item Drop Rates have been increased across the board, for this weekend only.

We´ll keep you posted for more Ingress breaking news.

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  1. I don´t understand what is the purpose of the only 1 mod (now only 2) without remove option rule.

    If the objective is avoid brutal AP gain for the gamers have hundreds of shields (via zipcar passcodes mistake)
    Then remove the AP Gain installing Shields
    Else take the AP gained is the shield is removed or upgraded by the same user.

    If the objective is solve the “problem” of weakness against one level 8 in portal full of energy and recharged in the attack
    Then increase the attenuation factor or shields ,and, increase the attenuation factor of links
    Else increase the AP gain for recharge, a lot of “gamers” don´t recharge their portals never, but have complaints for the weak of “his” portals.

    Thanks for your time

  2. I think it’s soooooo dumb to encourage *MORE* portals before removing ones in areas where density if overwhelmingly high or portals are lame objects (a brick with writing on it sitting at the base of a tree gets accepted as a portal? C’mon, man!).

    Portal submission should be an entitlement for L6 and above; newbies don’t get it yet. Changing faction and starting over? Well, when you reach L6 again you get the entitlement back, simple as that. Portal submission should also be community approved. Keep it neutral until it receives thumbs up from, say, five unique agents, and make it go away if it gets thumbs down from from a sufficient number of unique agents.

    According to the game lore, it’s the Enlightened that are helping the Shapers, so why are Resistance agents submitting portals?? That’s a rhetorical point. I don’t mind. ;-) Nonetheless, we can’t keep having more and More and MORE portals show up without old portals going away. Seriously, going back to game lore (and common sense), would a Shaper just put another portal out there, or would they be more likely to shut a portal down and pop up a new portal elsewhere (e.g., “move” a portal)? And they don’t have to go away permanently. Keep the game dynamic! Of course, in our game world people might fear their favorite portals have been removed from the game, but perhaps the portal just needs to be seen as inactive until it comes back online at at random time.

    I’m really getting burned out on hacking the same portals, making the same links, expecting the same portals to be this color or that color. Make the game more dynamic, and keep portal density in check and lame portals out of the game.

    Just some ideas.

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Mods and Portal Submissions

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