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Today I want to direct my research to my country, Mexico, to get  the information about a legend that has been taking shape and sounded much between Resistance worldwide.

Being myself one of the first players in Mexico, came to my attention from the beginning the development of the game locally. And I began to trace its influence in social networks.

This is how I discovered one of the best known Mexican agents worldwide that has spread the logo already known to many as The Mexican Kraken.

Jorge Pedrero




Name: Jorge Pedrero

Agent: Tryskel

Faction: Resistance

Location: Mexico City

Goal: To show the art , history and Mexican culture   through Ingress


Jorge recognizes himself as one more player in Ingress and Resistance in Mexico , originally had considered the idea of ​​being part of Enligthened as he is a person engaged in the media area in the city . However, as a last minute decision chose the resistance  being active part from it until today , following the suggestions in Decode Ingress to balance the game locally.

He received his invite on December 22 , “as the game progressed and I understood  the roles of each faction I realized they had very well defined personalities and distinctive even by country , so my decision was correct , however I reached Level 3 almost without knowing how, making the rookie mistakes and ignoring the history behind it.”

At the mention of the constant rumors of a third faction , he answers he won’t be interested , resistance is his choice and he doesn’t consider the idea of ​​joining a faction only destructive. He thinks it would be boring.

His first months were spent as a sporadical player until he decided to study more of the history behind Ingress. Soon created his website in Spanish where he transmits  relevant information to Spanish-speaking players regardless of faction,   and finally became active in the community of G+ in Mexico city in which he is moderator .

¨Ingress  change my routine, as to each active player around the world¨. In his case this change of habit cost him a relationship , his gaze shifts when he mentions the fact , but seems consistent with what he has gained in return. ¨I envy the players who have the privilege of playing with their partners¨.

His activity in the game led him to meet players like Linda Besh , whom he considers not only a friend but his mentor within Ingress, who now proudly carries personalized  Kraken stickers.  Jorge has had the opportunity to show the Ingressist visiting them; the benefits of the game on Mexican territory.

I was intrigued to know the story of Mexican Kraken as had been so echoed worldwide, is currently one of the Ingress art-works most widespread internationally.

Kraken Stickers

” The story of the Kraken is only for resistance, it was used to define a player for his way of playing , The Original Kraken jonnhymx  was obsessed by the AP , leaving in his car at 2:00 am and taking all the green in front of him. He played this way in a time dominated by green ones in Mexico City¨.

¨ There are several versions of how the urban legend began, the truth is that no one remembers , between destroing a green farm, a field, or a day full of green portals, and all the players saying they had to send JonnhyMX who was in the race to reach level eight¨.

That day johnnymx did his work , but before embarking on his journey through the AP,  Ivan Morales ( Sintetico ) who is also the designer of this logo, mention the famous line from the movie we all know and “Release the Kraken ” became every player emblem of resistance to embark on a crusade of destruction around the city.

Currently the Kraken design has been distributed in different countries across the borders of countries like the United States, Brazil , Netherlands, United Kingdom, and most recently Morocco, and have been seen being carried by Brandon Badger and Joe Philley on some of their items.

JPKrakenKraken at CassandraJorge and Linda Kraken's Reunion

Jorge hopes to draw attention to Mexico with this, hoping to have an anomaly in his city.

Being a country so rich in culture (and xm) jokes about the thousands of possibilities if dishes of the culinary arts would be approved as portals . ” Imagine Portal Mexican dishes as a Mole Poblano with rice , Tacos ,even Tamales with Atole” that would put a portal in virtually every corner of the city.

” I am struck by the different countries that have had an event by Niantic , and I’m sad not to be part of that list.” Mexico is known as the city of museums , important murals and sculptures are displayed throughout the city , alebrijes, mainly paintings and pyramids.

“The Historic Center would be the ideal place to enjoy with their portals , their history,” he would love to have an anomaly taking place there, as the Templo Mayor is below the Cathedral and in the area come together ancient and modern .

I’m sure that later we will have the opportunity to meet in full the scope of Mexican Kraken , which we only give you part of the story , Jorge jokes recognizing that the new rules make no longer possible to destroy an entire farm with one xmp level 8 but the story is already a legend.

We never know, maybe Jorge will succeed in obtaining their anomaly, and before everything starts we will hear the resistance players shout out “Releeeease the Krakeeeen “

Some Mexican Kraken's


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  1. Ótimo artigo! Um exemplo de jogador e já é conhecido aqui no Brasil também! Tive a honra de conversar com ele muitas vezes.

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Behind the Agent: Jorge Pedrero by EvilWitch

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