Scanner v1.35.1 Update & New Global Intel E-mail


With the update to Scanner v1.35.1 comes the release of Agent Profiles! This allows you to view your stats and achievements represented as badges ranging from: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Black, & Platinum.



-Discover and successfully submit new Portals.

-Deploy Resonators.

-Link Portals.

-Visit and hack distinct Portals.

Mind Controller
-Create Control Fields.

-Hack Portals.

-Destroy enemy Resonators.

You are able to view your stats covering the following durations:  All Time, Month, Week.




Mirror 1
Mirror 2
Mirror 3
Mirror 4

New Ingress: Global Intel E-mail

Along with the new Scanner update, we were also introduced to a new Global Intel e-mail containing updates about the lastest Ingress Report, the video where ADA shows Klue the Glyph Sequence, reports from Agents in the field, and the death of Carrie Campbell.

This will be an excellent resource for Agents who can’t keep up with events as they transpire on Google+, and a nice recap even for those that follow it religiously.

global intel email


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  2. Other changes include:
    – GPS no longer gets turned off as soon as you task-switch, allowing you to reply to texts or check the intel map without the GPS signal getting lost as soon as you switch from the scanner. (Seems to disable GPS a minute after you leave the app, or if you kill the app manually)
    – XM orbs are smaller, allowing you to see items on the ground and nearby resonators easier.
    – App runs smoother

    • You can wait for the OTA, or you can upgrade manually. Doing it manually will give you instant gratification lol. Click one of the mirrors above for the manual update. (from your phone)

  3. One more difference i noticed, The recharging portal animation has changed slightly. (please confirm its not just me lol.)

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Scanner v1.35.1 Update & New Global Intel E-mail

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