Scanner v1.36.0 Update



Today, Scanner v1.36.0 is slowly being leaking to Agents across the globe. We’ve included the change log at the end of this post, but would like to high light some of the major features.

Avatar Creator
WARNING: At this time, if you change the avatar from the stock Enlightened/Resistance avatar, there is not a way to change it back (that we know of). Be mindful of this before you create a custom avatar.

Here you can customize your own Avatar. You can either do this by tapping on the avatar from the scanner, or by going into OPS -> Agent, then tapping on the avatar.
avatar screen


New AP Bar / Level Bar
Agents have new been given a new AP bar that better shows their current progress. The Octagon around the agent avatar (Old AP progress bar) now represents your level (1-8).
ap bar

Alerts tab added to COMM
One of the changes the community has been asking for has finally been implemented! This new filter will help Agents out in the field get to the notifications they need faster and more efficiently.
alert comm tab

Object descriptions added to items in inventory
We saw this “ninja” update come a few days prior to 1.36.0, dropping on new items obtained. This is a great addition for Agents, especially recruits in training.
mod descriptions

Mirror 1
Mirror 2
Mirror 3

Change log:
* Avatar Creator – design your own agent avatar for your profile.
* Octagon around the agent avatar displays agent level (1-8).
* New AP progress bar at top of Scanner.
* Streamlined new agent training flow.
* Object descriptions in inventory.
* Alerts tab in COMM.
* Clicking on a notification in the Android tray will open the Alerts view.
* Bug fixes.

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  1. They should fix the XM on the scanner. Since the last update, I can’t see the XM around a portal unless I turn up my brightness to 45% or higher. If there is a field over the portal, the XM around a portal is completely NOT visible!

  2. I’d lost lights in my avatar. There 3 fields lost. The point are there. Is there a nother counting now to get a higher level?

    • “Agents have new been given a new AP bar that better shows their current progress. The Octagon around the agent avatar (Old AP progress bar) now represents your level (1-8).”


      You can. You have to “hide” from your GPS tracker. I recommend a basement or something like that. When the game is booting up, during the animation that scans the world for your location, you need to hit the back (<) button once. This will not exit the game. This action will load the scanner in incomplete form. You will notice your level is reduced to 1 (one), your avatar is reset to your faction allegiance, and your scanner is not "disabled." There are no portals and no evidence of XM but otherwise the scanner appears to function normally.

      I also got 5 more invites, but I don't know if that has anything to do with starting up in the shadows.

      The scanner completes loading the moment you enter traceable range on GPS. All experience, items, portals, links, fields, and XM appear without foreseeable consequences.

  3. Out of curiosity. Is the download from these links any different from the version that is offered by the Google Play Store? They both have the same version number.

  4. Scanner v1.36 super slow. This morning on scanner v1.35.1 I was seeing portal and field data populatinf as fast as lightning. Now, I can hang around a portal for a couple minutes (right after my scanner update) and stuff takes FOREVER to show up.

    • Quite a lot of people are having problems with this new update. I’ve been seeing many complaints on G+ from other agents all morning long too! I can’t fire XMP’s and I cannot recharge portals using the portal keys. I hope they release a playable version of ingress in the next update as soon as possible so that I can start playing again. In the meantime, it’s Candy Crush Saga!

  5. Anyone else have the experience of being unable to click a portal maker (out of scanner range) and target it? Since the update, I cannot target a distant portal anymore making the markers all but useless. I can target any spot on the scanner by long-pressing but that’s not useful either.

  6. Since the update it seems my profile is corrupted. SCAN FAILED continuously and unable to load inventory…..8+( have uninstalled/reinstalled, emptied cache, forced sync, etc. all to no avail.
    Even logged in using my account on another device (that is confirmed working fine with my friends account) and the same thing happens. Looks like somehow the update has stuffed my account.

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Scanner v1.36.0 Update

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