Scanner v1.37.2


On the Eve of 13 Magnus,  Niantic has the new apk version v1.37.2 rolling out to users over the next few days. Decode Ingress has access to a leaked version for those who can’t wait for the playstore to get it.

Some of the new features you will notice on your scanner are:


Remote Portal View:  pressing the link below the portal name in comm brings up a remote view window which allows you to recharge as well as view basic portal info. This is a great change as many portals are being approved recently and we have noticed that portal approval procedure has improved lately.

Remote Portal View


View Player Stats and Send Message : Taking stalking to a whole new level now you can take a sneak pick on players stats. Long press on agent id on comm you will have a two option window with the next view.

 Agent Options

Once you choose the option you desire you can either send a message to the player , the same way as pressing over comm to have @ or have access to the agent’s stats on detail.

Public Stats

But don´t worry, if you want to remain anonymous you can always block the access and go to OPS /Agent Profile /Make Agent Stats Private .

The trick.


















We are sure more improvements are to come, as the public keeps asking for Item Package Drop , we hope we can have something like that in the next scanner updates. We’ve seen mention that inventory count is nearly ready.

APK Mirrors:
Mirror 1
Mirror 2

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  1. I like these updates. I wish we had:

    1. an inventory count.
    2. Ability to BLOCK people who constantly harass & threaten us over COMM.

  2. Scroll up for some messages. and if someone posts a message the display scrolls down.. Irritating one…

    • Yeah! I noticed that last night. It really is a major inconvenience! I don’t know what they were thinking when they added that feature. It’s actually counter productive!

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Scanner v1.37.2

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