Scanner v1.41.0 Update


Ingress Scanner v1.41.0 is slowly releasing to Agent in the field!

Minor update patch that includes the following:
-Bug fixes (Never a bad thing)

-Replying to secure message from the alerts tab switches to faction tab. (We have all made the mistake of replying to a secure message in All COMM)

-Control button fixes for navigation to a Portal.
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  1. This article doesn’t say very much. In fact there are more pictures than there are words. So what does Nav to portal mean? Are they including turn by turn navigation now? No mention of this in this article.

  2. When are you going to allow the swapping of inventory to be less time consuming ? Higher agents attempting to level and supply inventory to lower levels or to share the spoils of a P8 farm can waste an extreme amount of time. Teams like to play in teams not spend 2 hours swapping inventory. Try it sometime. Try dropping 500 of anything…You also have an ‘Audio’ bug on dropping items very similar to the banshee scream ingress does when it crashes.

  3. @Reemus adapt. Have a beer or some food with your L8 mates before building a P8 farm. Swap inventory so every player starts with roughly the same inventory count. While you are on it, recycle useless gear and recharge nearby portals before starting. Or invite players <8 and drop a big heap of X5/X6/Common mods/Resonators you have too much of on their feet and tell them to blow something up. Yes it *still* takes time, but you are inside with something to drink and/or to eat.

  4. What we need is ‘Drop 10’ and ‘Recycle 10’ buttons. A LOT of L8 agents are gjetting pretty tired of just recycling L1 xmps for hours at a time to clear the tiny inventory for more strategic keys :\

  5. It’s not rocket science… A drop button could trigger a Quantity prompt with a default of 1 already filled in, followed by Cancel and Drop buttons. They could even put the second Drop button over top of where the first one is so someone could just tap twice if they just wanted to drop 1 of something (because we need to do that a lot, right?).

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Scanner v1.41.0 Update

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