Scanner v1.42.1 Update


Ingress Scanner v1.42.1 is slowly releasing to Agent in the field!

Updated OPS tab design

A smaller, more sleek design for the top tabs within the Ops menu. One added feature we noticed was a new Back button, which takes you back to your main scanner view.

Special support for the Founder’s medal

We are not sure what was changed here other than “1337” being removed. We speculate only half of the folks that received that badge knew what it meant. If you’re still on sure of the meaning of “1337”, here is a bit from Urban Dictionary:

1337. Originally used by hackers to avoid simple net searches that would turn up, for example, “I am an elite hacker”.

Instead hackers would say “1 4|\/| 4|\| 31337 |-|4×0|2”.

“31337” was later shortened to “1337”.

Now 1337 used mainly by the gaming community (also in chatrooms) to mean an especially skilled player.

 Other updates
Reduced memory usage

APK Mirrors
Mirror 1
Mirror 2


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  1. There was a “back” button in OPS before, it was just a minimise symbol. Was handy when the back button randomly stopped working on my Gnex

  2. Having issues with the updated scanner – when I minimise it and reopen it, I firstly get no portals, just the map, it lags crazily, and random blue and green triangles blink on and off randomly…

  3. Like with previous scanner, I’m unable to remotely recharge when my speed is over 10..15 km/h.
    It was possible with older version than 1.41.
    I loose many XM with version 1.41 and this new version !

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Scanner v1.42.1 Update

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