A Day Of Reckoning Recap – By Mustafa Said


In the first of our Guest Writer Series,

Mustafa Said gives us a high energy recap of the biggest ingress story event to date: Day Of Reckoning

December 14th is a day that will go down in Ingress history as one that held tons of intrigue and amazement around every corner. From the countless hours being fought over control of the Jarvis Shards to the surprises that took place afterwards and throughout the night, ‘Reckoning Day’ as it has been called is without doubt one of the largest events in the world of Ingress. For those that were unable to witness what happened that night or for those that were there but have no clue what went down, here’s a list of  what I believe were the five biggest events of Reckoning Day:

1. Yeah, Jarvis lives. With 8 of the 13 mysterious Jarvis Shards making their way to Cupid’s Span in San Francisco, the de facto leader of the Enlightened for the very first time made his public appearance to the world of Ingress. Shortly after the Anomaly, Dr. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe, who had spent Operation 13MAGNUS seeking a way to destroy the human-turned-XM Entity and take his place as the ENL leader, had come out and announced that the Shards had failed to reach the Span and that he was in place to lead. Then a mysterious smoke appeared behind Oliver….and Jarvis emerged, to a roaring applause. Jarvis announced that it was Dr. Lynton-Wolfe who had failed and that “a brighter future for our species awaits….”


2. The Reveal of Hank Johnson’s NOMAD: Ok, this one’s huge. Not as huge as #1-I mean, a dude came BACK TO LIFE-but still, pretty freaking cool. For those that were watching the livestream and had no clue why that was there, let me explain: Hank Johnson has spent the majority of his time trying to launch a reality show called NOMAD in which he travels the world, showing the viewers special Portals that have influenced history. Now, what makes this amazing is two things: first, the show actually exists. We can see it. It could possibly be a show like the Ingress Report. And second: The show reveals a ton of facts about 13MAGNUS, if you’ve been following the story long enough. It shows us that the 13MAGNUS is a ‘group of sensitives that were entrusted with the knowledge of an ancient algorithm, an algorithm that can at will calculate the necessary Shaper Glyphs, the correct Portal and the exact amount of Exotic Matter required for Resurrection.” Oh, and Hank gets captured? Kidnapped? Killed? Only time will tell.


3.  KLADA appearance: This event, at the very end of the livestream, showcased ADA in Klue’s body. At points in the beginning, Klue can be seen scared. Perhaps ADA took over her body by force? Anyways, the message is clear: ADA is Resistance and she won’t back down against the ‘threat’ of Shaper Influence.
4. Introduction to the Niantic Conspiracy: A Conversation with Essex:

This livestream event, taken the day before the 14th, was set in San Francisco but also pulled people around the world to recap and discuss the Niantic Investigation before the events of Reckoning Day. It’s worth a watch-especially if you’re new to everything and have not a clue what’s going on.


And 5: The Ingress Report Livestream event: link can be found here, doesn’t start on time but i skipped some stuff:

So this giant Livestream event has it all, the NOMAD episode, the KLADA thingy and the Jarvis Resurrection all wrapped up in one big video. It’s quite epic-if you are willing to ignore all the tech issues in it.

SO, if you missed everything about Reckoning Day, that’s my list of the biggest events. Now, it’s all over. Now, we move forward. What is the 13MAGNUS? Where is Hank Johnson? And…who is Roland Jarvis? Will the NIA try to kill him again? Only time will tell!

Many thanks to Mustafa Said for this event recap. We look forward to more guest writer articles in the near future.

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A Day Of Reckoning Recap – By Mustafa Said

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