Ingress Onion Fields 3: Grow Your Onion (and your AP)


Ingress Onion Fields teaches agents how to maximize AP gain by creating overlapped fields, using an easy technique. Part 1 was an awakening, Part 2 refined the method, final Part 3 discloses an endless way to have the easiest, smartest and biggest MU/AP gain

Grow Your Optimus Onion With This Recipe

 We’re going to assume that previous posts were read and understood, and the needed Portal keys either get easily hacked along the exercise, or are already present in our inventory. Leaving long introductions aside, to pull this one off we first need a “clean” field, like this one:

Clean board to start with

Clean board to start with

So, we start by setting up a “core Onion Field”, using these portals (refer to Onion Fields 2):

Core Onion Field

Onioning Technique, first layer: 4 Portals, 4 Control Fields

Then we move to a Portal that is closest to any of the Onion Field vertices, but still in line of sight by the other two, link it to the vertices, and always the last link goes to the closest Portal. This will yield 3 Control Fields (a new Onion Field, containing the core), using this only Portal:

Onion 2 using one portal.

Second Onion Field, originating from a “Vertex” Portal

 Now that our Onion Field expanded, we seek another Portal with the same traits as the one before, and link again knowing that our previous Portal now became another Onion Field vertex:

Third Onion Field

Third Onion Field, from another “Vertex” Portal

 With another Onion Field expansion, all we have to do to keep the AP rollin’ in for us and MU for our faction, is to find another Vertex Portal, and link again knowing that our previous Portal now became yet another Onion Field vertex, and so on:

Fourth Onion Field

Fourth Onion Field, and counting…

 If there were enough Portals and Portal Keys, we could repeat this drill for ever, making Onion over Onion, because of its dynamic overlapping, but… What about linking other Portals as we expand the Onion? Indeed, that’s easy. Just set them up as “Junior Onion Fields” on-the-go.

 Having our 4th Onion Field in place, there’s a Portal very close to the South West link, so we link it to its closest Onion vertices, making a simple Control Field:

Onion Junior: put it beneath the wing

Onion Junior: put it beneath the wing of the Big Onion

 When we identify a Vertex Candidate, we get there and close the Big Onion Field:

Fifth Onion Field, and counting?

Fifth Onion Field, and counting?

 All that’s left for this, is to link to the inner portal, center of the “Junior Onion Field”, and there it is:

Making the "Junior Onion Field"

Making the “Junior Onion Field”

 For the basics of Advanced Onion Fielding, this demonstration is enough, but look at the Intel Map and find out how it can grow much further than these 6 Onion Fields (18 Control Fields!) we just made with 9 Portals.

 In my personal opinion, there are lots of fielding techniques and tricks. I focused on this particular one because it lets you create many more fields with less portals and these are scalable endlessly, provided that there are enough Portal Keys for the  Onion Vertices and Vertex Portals to link from.

 What’s your fielding experience? Use the comments below!

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  1. We created a big onion field last weekend here in Utrecht, the Netherlands. As the city is pretty blue, 18 agents used in total 81 Jarvis virusses

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  3. Hm, aren’t there 19 fields, not 18? It’s +4 fields in the second picture, +1 field in the sixth, +2 in the eighth and +3 in each of the remaining 4 pics, with a total of 19. Anyway, regardless of the exact number the fielding is great :)

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Ingress Onion Fields 3: Grow Your Onion (and your AP)

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