Pioneer & Liberator Badges added!


Every now and then we see new stats added to our Agent Profile tab, though this is the first time we’ve seen new badges added based on those stats! Based on an APK tear down a few weeks prior, we had a good idea that these new badges were coming eventually.

New Badges along with the new More button:
new badges


The Pioneer Badge

This badge is earned by capturing unique/distinct portals.

Here is the amount of portals you need to capture to unlock each level of the new badge:


The Liberator Badge

Like the Pioneer badge, the Liberator badge is based on capturing portals. The difference with this badge is that it does not matter if the portal captured is unique/distinct (meaning you can capture the same portal more than once and have it count).

Here is the amount of portals you need to capture to unlock each level of the new badge:
Also added, the More button!
Now that there are more badges than can fit on the screen, a More button was added. Tap this to show all your badges.

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  1. This must be interesting for the new players only. I don’t think anyone who has been playing this game since launch care about the medals.

  2. Does anybody know how “distinct” is defined for the NIA?
    This week i captured 11 distinct portals but couldn’t remember of doing some kind of special research…

  3. Juan Washington on

    Like the guy said above. How can we determine/tell which portals are distincive enough to count towards the liberator badge? At first, I thought that it would actually mean that in order to progress in the game farther, you’d eventually have to travel outside your state or take road trips often to different cities in order for the distinct badge to count to go up. But even if a person does not have the means to travel like that… long will it take to continue to have to capture the few portals that are in the area for the badge….and again, how can we tell which ones are distinctive enough. ( I assume clustering portals don’t count )

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Pioneer & Liberator Badges added!

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