Scanner v1.43.0 Update


Ingress scanner v1.43.0 is slowly being released to agents in the field!

While “Bugfixes” is the only update listed in the Play Store, we’ve also spotted another unlisted feature. UPDATE: Since writing this they’ve now listed this feature: “Quick app restart feature from lock screen.”

New feature: Show on Lockscreen
From Ops, go to Device, scroll down, and see added Show On Lockscreen area. Tap to Enable and Ingress will ask to restart the application.

What does this mean? From what we can tell, with the option Disabled, when waking your device, you are presented with your lockscreen, then Ingress.
ingress before bypass

With the Option Enabled, when waking your device, you bypass the lockscreen completely, and are taken straight back into Ingress.
ingress after bypass

UPDATE: New Hack animation!

APK mirrors:
Mirror 1
Mirror 2
Mirror 3

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  3. Wim de Lange on

    Not more animiations, but the animation of the objects are bigger.
    The lockscreen is not working, but that has probably to do with the fact that I must unlock my lock screen (Samsung Galaxy S4).

  4. I actually found it kinda annoying. Ok, so from a locked screen, press power button, ingress appears, great….except, it disappears again in 5 seconds. The screen is still actually locked. So what do you have to do to make ingress stay up more than 5 seconds. You have to press power button to activate the screen, ingress appears, press home to bring back the unlock screen (it is still locked) slide to unlock, then ether double tap home (htc) and select running ingress, or tap the ingress icon where ever you may have it….

    I’d rather power and slide and be done with it tbh

    meanwhile, useful features like key labels….are still missing *grrrr* (sorry, not much sleep =))

  5. It looks like the attack notifications are also on time again. No (or minimum) delays (in stead of 3-5 minutes delay) Maybe that are the bug fixes.

  6. When you start with no data connection it looks like the restart button actually works now, instead of just quitting it actually tries to reconnect

  7. Also- there is a bug with it where the quantity of items gained in a hack aren’t correctly displaying, apparently you get the inv but the counts aren’t there like they normally are.

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Scanner v1.43.0 Update

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