New – Old Onion Fielding Rules


It is clear that Ingress listens to its user and you can now onion field again.  This change, which ocurred 24 hours ago, has been reverted.


The ingress gameplay changes just keep coming.

At some point in the last 4 hours a change was made to the way linking to portals within a field works.

While attempting to link to a portal inside a field and layer or “onion” the field, in order to double the MU’s earned, the key refused to populate.


A quick search only led to a post by agent Gilles WEBER where-in Ingress states “If a Portal is inside an existing Field, it is no longer possible to establish a Link to that Portal. You should still be able to create Fields over existing Fields, but not Fields nested inside existing ones.”


This is a big change for long-term agents who are accustomed to layering fields as part of general play.   This change will also have an effect on Regional Scoring.

As always, we will continue to update any changes to this or any other developments as they occur.

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  1. If they fix the other bug, and the final outter link created 2 triangles (big triangle and small one). It’s the same count as an onion field. If you destroy the inner portal, you get an empty triangle – which is definitely a bug.

  2. I feel like I haven’t been able to field this way since I started in October. I kept trying and was always denied – perhaps I was not positioned properly or something but this “change” has been the norm for me :/

  3. This really kills rural players ability to level. Just doubled the time it takes to level for those of us who have had to sit and wait for portals to decay because we live too far from the opposition. Just in time for us to become really valuable in building anchor portals for regional scoring. Ugh.

    • Henry anderson on

      I can agree so much, living in an area where the only fight in miles is in downtown in a small clustered area, we cant level one person far enough to be advantageous before another wants to get leveled

  4. I’ve had two big problems #1 game not registering & keeping keys. #2 after portals connect no field. I work from inside to out, own the portals & keys, lines don’t cross & are well within distance. portals will show in online Intel map but no key in my items. yesterday I created a dang nice field but it didn’t put a field in after connecting. this is the third time for this happening. both problems getting old quickly!

  5. This is not entirely new at all. I’ve been playing since March 2013 and it’s always been this way, to my knowledge. Thing is, while you *can’t link to* a portal inside of a field, you *can link from* a portal inside of a field to an edge portal.

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New – Old Onion Fielding Rules

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