Scanner v1.44.0 Update


Ingress scanner v1.44.0 is slowly being released to agents in the field!

Item Count Bug fix
If you didn’t notice, since 1.43.0 item counts on hacks have been missing, making it seem like you were only getting singles of items when you were actually getting more. This has been fixed =).
item counts

New Item Graphics Remember when Brandon Badger teased us with his new Moto Droid Ultra?

Original post:

The “Dark XM” graphics we’ve been talking about for months have finally been implemented into the scanner. Just a graphics update? Or something more? We’re eager to find out. Screenshot_2014-01-27-11-48-57

Video of new Item Graphics

Regional Score Widget
Regional Scoring has left the scanner! Now you are able to view information about your local cell, along with when the next checkpoint is (All without having to load your scanner)! Wonder if this is the first of many Ingress Widgets to come in the future?

You can tap the widget to be taken into the scanner app.


New Field Creation animation
Not a huge change, but now when you create a field, it pans/zooms in where the field is created. Here is a video clip of the new animation:

Glyph Game??
Study your Glyphs boys and girls! After examination of the 1.44.0 APK, we have noticed the suggestion of a timed Glyph related game. We are not sure when this feature will go live, but we expect it to be soon.

Glyph Game images:

Glyph game sounds:

Our mock up of what we think the new Glyph Game might look like (THIS IS NOT REAL):

While we wait for this update, we recommend you check out Daniel Beaudoin’s (Agent SK8ZION) Glyphtionary.

APK Mirrors:
Mirror 1
Mirror 2
Mirror 3

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      • I think you’re mistaken. Look at “The Glyphtionary” album linked to in the original post — there are 78 glyphs in it. Look again at the cheat sheet version I linked to in my comment — it also has 78 glyphs. Both sources contain all of the same glyphs, and should, because the cheat sheet version is based on The Glyphtionary.

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  2. Widgets – useful.
    Bug fixes – great.
    More useless animations – come oon, I’m already fed up with the current ones… The scanner is in serious need of “disable animations” button…

  3. Anyone else have bad looking animations for the hacked resouces? Some animations are rotating the wrong axis some look like there is missing some graphics. I did reinstall the game just to make sure, but it stays that way…

  4. Dear Ingress.

    Stop making graphical changes which only slow the game down and concentrate on catching GPS spoofing cheats. These changes would make a lot of genuine players very happy.

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  7. I think that the glyph game won’t be a tab in OPS, it’ll be a challenge response to a hack. May result in bonus items, as well as being an anti-bot and anti-automation measure.

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Scanner v1.44.0 Update

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