Passcode Decoding Walkthrough #0001.1


Passcode Walkthrough for Niantic Project Post 2014-01-22 passcode#1

Difficulty Rating (out of 8. 1-5 are regular difficulty levels, 6-8 are very challenging):

Document Source:

How/where to find the source of the passcode

FILE ID: xDZt4Ovws5urijtwcDKn


Examining the FILE ID given, there are a few clues that will help us know how it’s ciphered.

Clue #1: The number of characters in the string is divisible by 4, in this case it’s 5 (20 4). Base64 encoding takes 3 ASCII bytes (3 x 8 = 24 bits) and converts them to 4 characters in the Base64 alphabet, which is composed of 6-bit values (4 x 6 =24 bits). The Base64 alphabet is composed of uppercase characters, lowercase characters, numbers, a plus sign, and a forward slash.

Clue #2: Blend of uppercase, lowercase, and numbers. Good chance it’s Base64.

Clue #3: One of the ends of the string be converted to start with M, N, or O. M, N, and O are the Base64 characters that will match the beginning of decimal numbers when converted into ASCII.

Passcode solution:

With the clues in hand, we can safely assume this will be Base64. First, change the uppercase characters to lowercase characters and vice versa.


Now we need to get the N to the beginning, so reverse the string:


Run it through a Base64 decoder:


Passcode items gained:

100 AP

100 XM

L8 Resonator (3)

L3 Xmp Burster (2)

Portal Shield (2) (Very Rare)

Force Amp


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    • Because the Base64 has to start with M, N, or O, capital letters. Already suspecting it was Base64, seeing the “n” at the end would give the hint to reverse the string to get that “n” to the beginning, and knowing the “n” had to be uppercase, swapping the case of all of the letters would be a good guess as to the other step.

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Passcode Decoding Walkthrough #0001.1

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