Scanner v1.45.1 Update


Ingress scanner v1.45.1 is slowly being released to agents in the field!

Agent verification
Right now, all we can do is speculate as to what verification entails. Is it to prevent the use of multiple accounts / cheating? Or something else? What we can show and tell you right now is what the verification process looks like, and possible future consequences for not verifying.

To start the process, go to Ops -> Device -> Verification, and tap Verify Now.

Next, you’ll need to type in your phone number and either select SMS or Voice. I went ahead and selected SMS.

After waiting about a minute, I received my Verification code and relaunched Ingress. You’ll notice the Verification icon in the top right, tap it to continue.

Enter your Verification code and tap Verify.

If all went well, you’ll be presented with the following screen:

Why Verify?
This all might seem like an unnecessary process to go though, and I’m sure some others are thinking, why bother? Two reasons!

Reason #1, new Verified badge!

Reason #2, possible in game limitations (not enabled yet):
unverifiedXmCapacity: 2000
unverifiedInventoryCapacity: 100
unverifiedApCapacity: 2499

Unknown what the ApCapacity will limit. Does this mean an L8 would be limited to L1 items? We shall see.

New Immersive Mode
We now have the ability to go full screen! To enable immersive mode, go to Ops -> Device -> Immersive Mode, then tap Toggle.

You’ll be asked to Restart, go ahead and do so.

Now you’ll notice Ingress in full screen without the notifications bar. UPDATE: It has been reported this feature is only working on devices running 4.4 (KitKat).

More updated graphics
Last update we saw new graphics for items introduced, though some areas of the scanner did not reflect those changes. Those areas have been updated.

Another minor graphical update, Attack/Damage numbers.

We’ve had two issues reported with this new update that are solved by fulling rebooting your phone. Issue #1, the phone will auto log back in when trying to logout of the scanner. Issue #2, the keyboard will turn invisible (possibly after enabling immersive mode).

APK Mirrors:
Mirror 1
Mirror 2
Mirror 3

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  1. Bill Hoeft (AMX) on

    Looks like the Immersive mode feature is only available to users running either version 4.3 or 4.4 of Android. I’m on 4.2 and the option is not available to me.

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  3. did you notice the badge is no black like the founders badge and it does say initial security clearance, so maybe there will be more steps like root checks in future

    • Well, if they add a root check, then they’ll lose a major amount of player, that are geeks and that don’t feel like getting a second device just for ingress or are too lazy to get an exposed module that will hide root from Ingress.

  4. Is it possible to verify an account on a tablet ? I have a Nexus 7 without a sim card, so can’t receive SMS or voice ? Have they just restricted tablet user to L1 ?

  5. I don’t wanna give them any of my mobile numbers… And don’t see why they should have a right for it. It’s easy to get multiple numbers so it won’t help at all against cheater. It only helps Google to collect more and better quality data…

  6. OK, some questions from my side:
    1. What if I play Ingress on multiple devices? I have N4 and N7 and I play on them depending on the battery state, my own mood etc. Do I have to activate… sorry, verify both clients?
    2. What if the tablet is used also by another person who plays Ingress? No, no multi account – there is another profile created with own settings and applications, secured with this person password, which I don’t have access to. I assume that device ID is somehow sent to NIA for verification and in this case there will be two accounts on the same device.

    And I really do not understand how this verification may lower the number of bots in game or stop cheaters from GPS spoofing

  7. Have you played with the multiple accounts on the same tablet profile or with multiple tablet profiles? I ask, because my wife playes sometimes on my tablet but with her own profile.

  8. I’ve been playing with 3 accounts and use each of them on 4 different devices since the beginning and nothing’s happened…

  9. Andrew Trueman on

    I have 4 children who all love playing. Two use phones, two use tablets and don’t have phones. We use a MiFi mobile hotspot for the tablets to connect to. How am I supposed to verify the two players without phone numbers? I could use my number but then I would have three agents/Google accounts tied to one phone number which might be regarded as spoof accounts. Any ideas? Do Niantic assume every player is using a phone to play?

    • I am in the same boat. I use a mobile wifi to play since I live in Turkey and the phone I play on is form the US and can’t get coverage here. The app will not let me use my turkish cellphone number to verify my account.

  10. Do you experience slow scanner with this version like very slow to hack, recharge, display portal, display new link and fields ?

  11. Bone stock LG Motion? I cannot pull up the regional and scoring leader board either. Just checked for version updates and it said that I was running the latest. Any suggestions? Thanks

  12. Nexus 5 – The only problem I have found with it is when interacting with the comms in full screen the text is behind the keyboard; so you can’t see what you are typing…

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  14. Andrew Trueman on

    Installed 1.45.2 now when I drop keys they disappear. Other items can be dropped and picked up fine. Help! Lost 6 keys so far!

  15. Interesting. I verified to comply. But I was L5 to L6 with no problem. I suppose this limitation applies to new agents. Very well. Lock us down to our numbers. At least this makes a bit harder to spoof.

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Scanner v1.45.1 Update

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