Scanner v1.45.3 Update


Ingress scanner v1.45.3 is slowly being released to agents in the field!

Glyph Game
We’ve been talking about it for quite a while and I have to say, we weren’t too far off!

How do I play the Glyph Game? You start by selecting a portal (long press hacks from the map will not initiate the game). After you’ve selected the portal, push and hold the Hack button. NOTE: If the portal moves out of range, you have full inventory, or the portal is burnt out, the Glyph Game will not initiate.

After, you’ll be shown a series of glyph(s) that you need to memorize and then reproduce within a time limit.

The number of Glyphs per game and Time Limit are determined by the Level of the portal you are hacking.

The more Glyphs you get correct, the more bonus items are awarded. If you are able to draw them very fast, you’ll also get a speed bonus, which yields even more items.

Here is a demonstration / test video of what the new Glyph Game looks like:

Though the Glyph Game is very  similar to “Simon Says”, we encourage you to study the Glyphs for easy memorization / recognition. We have prepared searchable a Glyph page in preparation for you:

The Niantic Project has also put out a bulletin concerning the new Glyph Game asking all Agents to notify them if Glyphs appear on their Scanner.

APK Mirrors:
Mirror 1
Mirror 2
Mirror 3

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  1. Ummm, video not up, link to viewer doesn’t go to said glyph viewer, and… You did not say what the bonuses are good for

  2. Do you have to draw the glyphs in the same order as they were presented? So, if you forget the first can you just draw the second, third, etc. or will the scanner try to match the first thing you draw with glyph 1, the second with glyph 2 and so on?

  3. There are definitely more glyphs in use than shown in the overview page here (e.g. impure, nourish, etc.)
    How should we report those?

  4. The number of glyphs not only depends on the portal level but also your own. It looks at which one is lower. Glyph Hacking a lvl 8 portal as a lvl 5 for example will results in 3 glyphs.

  5. AS much as it can have story-wise inclusion, I believe this is a turn for the worse, especially for people with “home” or “work” portals. More or less the candy crush of Ingress, people with the privilege of a constant access to a portal would receive even more items, numbing down hack farming. An offside effect could be a spike in “unusual” portal submission when everyone tries to score a portal for the quality time spent in the water closet.

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Scanner v1.45.3 Update

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