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Hey everyone, here’s your chance to get your ideas to Ingress and the Niantic Project. Around New Years time we asked for your best suggestions for changes you’d like to see in ingress. We’ve taken all the best and created a survey! Now’s your chance to weigh in. Please pick your top 10 options only. We’ll leave the survey running for a few days and then present the results to Niantic.

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I've been an active ingress agent since Dec 2012 and have been L8+ on each team. I co-manage DeCode Ingress and our local xfaction community here in Victoria, BC. I'm an IT and Google enthusiast with a focus on security. If you have any feedback or are interested in contributing to DI, please reach out to us, we'd love to hear your ideas.


    • Bad idea. When i started to play,i wanted to smack ppl who attack my portals, fortunately i was out of town. Ppl might get into real fights because of this

  1. unfortunately the most important thing wasn’t votable:
    – STATIC IMAGES! no animation of XM, no animation of fields, no animation of portals, just a respective static image. that would give a huge bonus on battery lifetime, people could play longer (and niantic collect more information), old devices could be still used etc.pp.

  2. To use several mods, resonators and busters with energy to create rare or very rare mods with some difficulty and needs a larger and more powerful rare mod, a way duel for control of a gate when two or more agents reach the goal are , control the location that gives the data array antenna with gps data to prevent a modification can be used to trick the gps and jump from city to city

  3. I would like to see a mod that slows down portal/resonator decay…. surely I can’t be the only one who would find this useful…

  4. “Increased portal defense (which has partially been implemented by no diminishing returns on shields)”

    Important rule about accurate polling – don’t load your questions. Why not just list “Increase portal defense”?
    Diminishing returns on shields weren’t even implemented as a change – they were like that since the start.

  5. Lockbox for gear is interesting. But as the enemy I just have to enter code wrong 3 times to destroy it? That part not so great. I would say only same faction can open, xmps to destroy and there is a slight chance of some gear recovery.

    • It would be great for sharing items, but there are always going to be a few cheaters in every bunch. If there is any way that a “friendly” agent can hurt the faction, what would prevent someone from using a fake account to raid/mess with the enemy faction lockbox? Sadly, someone is going to try and cheat, which makes community caches vulnerable.

      I prefer the idea of a personal gear box. They could give an agent unlimited access from a single user specified non-portal location and limited access from all post office portals. This extends the inventory limit and adds an element of strategy, while limiting the amount of items the servers have to sync when the agent starts the app and is in the field (saves both nia and the agent bandwidth).

  6. No option to get rid of portal decay completely or at least reduce the speed at which portals decay? :(

    I for one am sick of having to recharge portals everyday to keep them up and running. It ruins the game for me. I don’t see why decay is needed considering how excessively biased this game is to attack and defense is practically non-existent.

  7. 1- give us the third faction
    2- body armor
    3- proximity mines
    4- attack of other portals remotely as long as you have the key and firing from a portal
    5- the option to remove comm chat – not intel(many agents just use hang outs and many don’t use the comm at all)
    6- radar ability – info would not include agent names – just an alert of an incoming enemy agent
    7- cache sites for team items – must have a code to access cache or wage massive war on site – would take a significant amount of time to flip or destroy site
    8- individual agent or even faction strengths/weaknesses
    9- XM generating mods – many rural agents have to go great distances to recharge their xm tank – cubes are great but they take up a lot of inventory – how about we add additional gear – likened to zelda – where having a certain badge/medal/item that increases hack bonuses/defense/attack/key pulls/xm regeneration
    10-oh yeah – give us the 3rd faction!

  8. I think one of the most important flaws in the app is missing in this form. The ability to accurately determine the direction of movement of the device.

    Currently I suspect that only the magnetometer is used to determine the direction of the player marker and therefore the orientation of the screen image when using dynamic compass. This sadly makes it wrong most of the time, and just driving over a bridge or close to railroads can flip the direction of movement 180°.

    Most, if not all devices have accelerometer and gyro, so it should be easy to implement an inertial navigation system. Another easy fix would be to determine direction of movement from the last few GPS positions, as I guess that most navigation software does it.

    Implementing at least a basic INS would allow better positioning when GPS reception is bad, and honestly I think it should be an integrated part of the Android system.

  9. Recharging….

    Very tedious and annoying.


    When a resonator is placed on a portal the resonator is at full power and stays at full power. If the portal is attacked by the opposing faction and the resonator is hit it looses power, basically the same as now. The only change would be when the resos are placed they stay charged. Basically eliminate the decay. This way the recharger badge can still be achieved and portals can be kept longer.

  10. StarSeer7777 on

    I have an idea for some new weapons. The first is an XMP Sniper Cannon, which would allow you to attack portals from long range, but within a certain cone of range, at slightly decreased damage the closer you are to it. The second is along a new line of weapons called Experimental Weapons, the first one of which is the Negative XMP Ion Deterrent mod, which, when equipped to a portal, would decrease the ability of enemy weapons being able to hit that portal. The second EX. (Experimental) Weapon is what I like to call the EX. Quantum Barrier Generator. This mod is a little different from other mods because it can be placed on the ground, instead of on portals. (though it can be placed on portals too) When it is active, it generates a very long-range, high-powered energy shield around a large radius, but would need to be recharged pretty regularly to keep it online. The shield in question would prevent ALL damage to ANYTHING underneath it, but it’s shield would deplete equal to the damage taken. When the shield is disrupted, then everything underneath would take damage as normal. It’s stats would be as follows, (Note: these stats can be changed if the idea is implemented into the game.)

    Lv: 10
    Rarity: Ultra Rare
    Weapon Type: Mod
    Armor: 17,500
    Shield Strength: 250,000

    And last, but not least, my last idea for this comment is the ability for a faction to manage a farm(area with a lot of portals) through a single portal that would be called a PEMH, or a Passive Energy Management Hub. This portal would allow any player from the faction that controls the majority of portals at that farm to manage all portals that specific faction controls, like recharging, upgrading, placing mods, etc. The opposing faction(s) could not interact with that portal in any way, except to manage portals that THEY control.

    So that’s all the ideas for now. Hope you like them! :)

  11. I would like to see cooperation mode, because if I play with my friend, we attack the same portal, but benefit for destroying will take only one. The same with portal deploying. It should be some ability to make a team when every point will share with all team members.

  12. • Mini-games. Timed or point limit battles with a group of friends or enemies
    • Name capsules (keys, mods, L8’s, etc.)
    • Sort portal keys by owned portals, faction, level of portal, and health of portal
    • Sort missions by distance
    • Display the number of links incoming (x/∞) and outgoing (x/8) from a portal
    • Add power cube button to recharge screen
    • Create power cubes using existing XM
    • Customizable scanner
    • Improve/customize notifications
    • More benefits to fields. Fields should slowly drain the energy of enemy agents underneath it while slowly recharging friendly agents
    • Day stats
    • AP gained monthly and weekly in stats
    • Portals neutralized badge
    • Destroy enemy mods badge
    • Destroy enemy links badge
    • Destroy enemy control fields badge
    • Control a field for consecutive days badge

  13. It would be good that you can’t choose the faction, if there is too many agents already. (Only area?) Here where I live seems to be only 20 blue, but 26 green agents. And most of us (blue) are inactive so green is overpowered.

  14. There should be an option to recharge portals while the key for it is capsuled. If it counts toward your inventory, you should be able to use it as if it were in your inventory.

  15. Joel Breazeale (ChildOfYah) on

    I’d like to suggest an item for your wish list. When checking for linkable portals it should be possible to drop the key for the linkable portable from the place where the linkable portal is shown. This makes it easier for two agents working together to give the each other keys for viable links.

  16. Was thinking they should change the cycle times, so it restarts about every week instead of every 4 or 5 hours. Might make the game more exciting especially if it happened to land on a weekend. At least for those of us that work during the week.

  17. Maybe a stunner where its like laser tag only you can’t hit the opponent again after you hit them for five seconds, letting them get a head start to escape or take cover. No matter who levels up, everyone gets the same deal, if you get hit, you can’t fire your stunner for 5 seconds and you can’t hack portals for 5 seconds and you don’t get stronger and powerful when you level up (rather than level up and become harder to take down, just use your heads and try to outsmart one another whether you are a newbie just joining or a professional expert) and rather than have it camera view and fps like the upcoming game, you still have your map thing in game and when you tap “fire” for your stunner, a tracer leaves your arrow indicating you and heads for your target, who will also see it and try to dodge it, of course you have to be pointing the top of your phone at the opponent like a Star Trek phaser. No one “dies” but gets a head start to do something. Of course, hiding behind buildings and garbage cans would block the tracers like bullets striking walls and what not, making it feel a bit intense. You still gather AP for hacking portals and usual stuff but not for stunning the player (I imagine a lot of players would be getting blasted too much that the portals are forgotten about and the portals should be more important as the object of the game is simple: capture the portals) Oh and add a faction radar where you can detect the opposing faction member that is close by you and alerts you of their presence if the stunner is added. While I have played many shooter games over the years, if adding stunners, this should be completely different as you shouldn’t lose XM each time you get hit like you lose HP in the shooter games. If you are driving a vehicle, you can’t shoot while you are driving (vehicle pursuits are terrible ideas and way too risky and dangerous. Drive-by stunning would be alright to an extent. The stunner will be deactivated if you’re in a vehicle and its in motion. Hopefully this is making some bit of sense.

    • But of course it should be tested first and decided by all players whether it can be added or not. And I forgot to add in a few things: if the player is stunned, no one else could hit them for five seconds (you can but it won’t do anything) and a lot of things could happen during five seconds (taking down a portal or taking one). Stunners work on players only, you can’t use them on resonators (XMP and Ultra Strikes only unless there are other ones I am unaware of).

  18. i didn’t find any good idea here, how long did you play? 3 hours?
    3rd faction… keyrings, ability to pickup all items, learn how to use ingress correctly, and you can skip recucle animation even in very old version of ingress.
    remote recharge is only on good idea, but if you are driver it could be dangerous. Very dangerous addon.

    So 100% NOPE.
    it’s 100% Please never done this.!

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