Scanner v1.46.1 Update


Ingress scanner v1.46.1 is slowly being released to agents in the field!




Key Pickup

We have often wondered what keys we are picking up. Wonder no more! Now you will know simply by clicking the key



Updated Glyph Game
Haptic feedback now exists so you can achieve glyph master scores and know if you hit all those dots on the calibration glyph with ease and increased speed

Additionally the Bonus items are separated onto a second page so that it is more clear what you have earned for you efforts.  Also included are new multiplier graphics

2014-02-21 15.24.21  bonus hack   hack



Adjustable Comm Range
Comm Range is adjustable with the following Range in Km. 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, Global 

5km range


Support for international Portal titles and keys.

newland origlang


APK Mirror:
Mirror 1
Mirror 2




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  1. Since update 1.45.2 I cannot sign out from Ingress. The smartphone (huawei U9200, Android 4.0.3) starts again with Ingress. What to do?

    • Andre Bender (mumion) on

      You should not need to drop keys to get a second one. It is totally point less and a wast of players time. Please niantic drop that “feature”

    • That’s very useful and I’ve been hoping for this feature! The only thing wrong now is that it doesn’t show how many keys I have. If I have more than, say, 3 of them already, I may not want to take the time to drop them all to try for another. But if I have only one or two, I probably would want to.

      Solution? The portal view, with the key icon on it, should have a number under the key to denote the number of keys to that portal I own.

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  3. Finally a functional update. Very good. Looking forward to a button that can go directly to map view from ANY other screen.

  4. How about adding a third filter to portal keys: “By Recharge”, which would only show portals owned by your team that have at least one resonator that is <100% on XM. Bonus: Sort by lowest percent resonator first.

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Scanner v1.46.1 Update

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